I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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9. Fear nothing, but fear itself

The car was silent as Rick drove. Cyndi hadn't spoken for awhile so Rick side glanced over at her to see her fiddling with the hem of jet scarf as she bit her bottom lip. He smiled and chuckled to himself. A devious smile curved the corners of his mouth up and he reached over and covered her hands, he held her hands together making her jump in her seat. She snapped her head to stare at him and she looked beyond adorable, her cheeks were flushed all the way up to her ears, her mouth was slightly agape and her breathing had picked up. To him she looked so stunning.

"Are you still nervous?" he asked. She opened her mouth to answer and he turned back to glance at her. She thought for a second then nodded, her face still redder than an apple. "You shouldn't be. Come on, talk to me." he tried. Cyndi didn't answer, she couldn't, she didn't know what words were, her brain was dead and she was struggling to even breathe at this moment. The car was cool but she was burning up and it had to do with his hand—which was currently still ontop of hers. Rick didn't hear her respond and looked back at her quickly to see her cheeks flustered as she sat there in utter silence, looking at their hands. "Shxt." he swore under his breath. He removed his hand from hers and turned on his signal, so that he could park the car on the side of the road, being thankful that they weren't on any highways.

"Cyndi? Are you okay?" he moved to rest his hand on her shoulder but hesitated when she jerked back, eyes meeting his in frozen terror. "Hey, it's okay. If you don't want to go out, I can drive you back home if you like?"

Oh no, no, no, no! She screamed in her head. If he takes her back home now Issac and the boys would be so disappointed, and she didn't want him to take her home yet, this date hadn't even started yet and it was already becoming a train wreak! Yeah, well that was because of her being shy, and weird, a freak of nature. She groaned to herself and shut her eyes, tears prickling at her eyelids as she turned away from Rick. Ashamed that this was even happening. She's crying on a date that is soon to be done and over with before anything even transpired. She was disgusted in herself and she was so sorry that she had to let Rick go through all of this nonsense that is her pitiful self.

Rick heard her sobbing and instantly went forward and turned her back to him, he cupped her face in his hands and brushed away her tears with the pads of his thumbs. She didn't have the strength to pull away because she had already given up. She held at his wrist unconsciously as tears continuously ran down her face. "Cyndi, please don't cry. It's okay."

"N—n it's not, I'm a freak of nature and you shouldn't even like me, I'm weird and I'm a loser and I'm so scared of my own words that I can't even handle being around a cute guy." she blurted out as she continued to cry. Rick's heart felt for her and he shook his head.

"That's not true, you're a beautiful girl, who has great friends, a big brain and if you're a freak of nature then so am I. I mean look at me, my face is completely covered in tattoos and I'm an outcast. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I asked you out because you interest me. You're different Cyndi Fenton and I love different."

She sniffled and he shushed her, wiping her falling tears. Her eyes began to open slowly and she saw him there with a soft expression on, he smiled at her and then she saw how they were sitting and her face began to burn up all the way to her ears. Rick giggled and tucked a loose tendril of her hair behind her ear. "I'm sorry."

"F... for what?" she asked out in disbelief.

"For not telling you that I don't think that you're weird. You're completely normal, much more normal than any other girl I've seen in school." his words were touching her heart so much that it was almost smothering. She couldn't see her face, but she knew she was so red that she was about to burst. "Do you want me to take you hom—."

"NO!" she burst out suddenly. He raised a brow and she quickly clapped her hands over her mouth. Yeah, she was definitely going to burst. Rick erupted in a fit of laughter at her cuteness and she saw a show of his dimple as he laughed on. Was he laughing me? She thought.

"Sorry, you're just so cute." he said as he tried to stop laughing.

"Hey, that's not funny?" she said scowling him, he didn't stop and she punched softly at his forearm. He slowly stopped laughing and held his arm. "Ouch."

She scoffed at him. "That wasn't even hard."

"Yes, it was, and you hurt me." he said pouting and as he closed his eyes and pretended to cry. She rolled her eyes at him and started laughing at his silly act.

"You're such a bad actor." she noted. He opened his eyes a bit and winked at her.

"Sorry, but we can't all be perfectionist." she laughed at him. Rick watched her as she laughed and saw the twinkle in her eyes. She was so lovely, he thought. He came closer to her, and she noticed that and her laughter died down.

She looked back at him to see how close he was and blushed. "I'm really lucky."

"Huh? Why?" she was sort of confused at him.

"Because, I'm going out with the prettiest girl in our school." Cyndi blinked at him speechless, her cheeks, and ears and neck all turning red as a cherry at those words. He liked it when she blushed. He came closer to her and she didn't shy away, she stayed and he slowly brought his hand up to cup her warm cheek and she closed her eyes, his hand making her skin burn hot with a new found sensation that she didn't even know she could feel. He bent his head to hers and she felt as his forehead touched hers. She gulped, not in nervousness, but in anticipation. "Can I?" he whispered. She nodded once and he slowly touched his lips to hers. His lips were soft as he kissed her tenderly. He made her heart flutter as a new burst of sensation took over her, she was left drunk from his kiss once he pulled back, her lips were parted slightly, eyes still closed and heart racing a mile a millisecond. Rick caressed her cheek with the pad of his thumb as he watched her with heavy laden eyes. She opened her eyes to see a soft smile on his face.

"That was amazing..." she whispered into the silent car. Rick nodded in agreement.

"It was perfect." he agreed. She blushed and ducked her head, but he held her face up, making her look up at him, her bright green eyes holding his own green gaze.

"Where were you planning to take me tonight?"

"Somewhere I go to when I can't think straight." he brushed his thumb against her cheek once more before he let his hand fall. He turned fully in his seat, hands on the wheel as he glanced back at her. "Do you still wanna go?" she nodded now, a new found confidence blooming inside of her. He started the car and began driving again.

Okay, now this was long overdue. OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!! He just kissed me—like on the mouth—really long, WHAT EVEN?!?!? Oh my holy life of kissing!! Did that just happen?? Did he, Rick Gene just touch his lips to mine in a crazy OHMYGOD union? Did that just really conspire between us? Damn! Wow! Oh my word! Soft lips, gentle hands, and sweet smell—oh he smelled like leather and roses, weird combo but such a beautiful scent, he was... he was... perfect. 'sigh'. She was soaring.


While Cyndi sat freaking out in her head and Rick was busy driving them to where he planned their date, Issac and the twins were back at Cyndi's house watching old action movies in her basement. "I like the new age batman but then I love the old age, George Clooney batman too." Issac said as he munched on some popcorn.

Mike hummed silently. "Well, all the batman's over the years were good, well in my opinion. But the new age 'Dark night' was perfection but Ben Aflec? No, not at all, but thankfully he will no longer be playing an amazing hero who's been perfectly acted out over the years."

"Hmm, yes." Issac said.

"Huh, I guess I did make a good choice when I picked you." Issac stopped eating and turned towards Mike.

"What'd you mean by that?" he asked a tad too loud, thankful that Jeremy was asleep behind them on the couch.

Mike didn't turn to look at him, and Issac gripped his forearm and turned him so that he was watching him. "Explain." He ordered.

He hissed from the Issac's surprising strength and sighed. "Issac, it was not to make it seemed as though I was belittling you. I lie you okay, I just... okay, I just meant that I wanted you and when I thought of this plan, I thought of only you. Okay, I'm sorry if it came out wrong." Issac took a second to think.

"Are you sure you're not lying to me?" Issac was concerned and he hoped this wasn't a lie, he thought back to the kiss that they had and squeezed his eyes shut, thinking of how real that kiss felt. Mike reached up and touched his hand to Issac's cheek, bringing him closer. Issac leaned in to his touch and opened his eyes slowly. "I wasn't lying, and I really want to kiss you right now." he whispered.

Issac rolled his eyes playfully and Mike smirked at him, pulling him in close and capturing his lips in a kiss. Issac moved closer, resting his hand on Mike's arm. Mike smirked into their kiss and reached out and grasped Issac around his waist as he pulled him into his lap. Issac straddled him and wrapped his arms around Mike's neck. Mike groaned against Issac's mouth as he hugged his body to his, their cheeks flushed as their breathing picked up.

Mike moved him back, until Issac was on his back and he ontop of him, between his legs. He broke the kiss and attacked Issac's neck, nipping and sucking at his flesh. Issac moaned and ran his hands through Mike's short hair gripping his hands in it when Mike found his soft spot. He wrapped his legs around his narrow waist as he reconnected his lips to Mike's. Issac's heartbeat was going crazy as he made out with Mike. It was his first time that any guy had made him feel like this.

Mike was causing him to feel as if he were burning up inside while being doused with freezing cold water. Mike made him feel as he never felt before and he was scared, but he didn't want this to ever end, he was falling for his prince charming and he didn't want to stop falling.

Someone clearing their throat causing Mike and Issac to separate in a flash as they both looked up to see Jeremy smirking at them. "Oh, you ass!" Mike swore.

"Sorry, but your moaning woke me up." he joked, yawning when he saw how red their faces were. "It smells like hot testosterone in here." Issac grumbled unintelligently and covered his face as he turned away from them.

"Shut the hell up." Mike growled.

"Whatever you say, oh gay one. Anyways, I need to use the little boys room." he got up from the couch and left the room, going to the bathroom down the hall. "Well, that was..." Issac started trailing off.

"Yeah." they looked at each other and laughed, falling back to the floor while they laughed like happy fools. When their laughter died down Mike reached out to entwine his fingers with Issac's and smiled when Issac turned to him, smiling back as the movie played on.
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