I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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10. 2. Lounging out with darkness

Cyndi had finally gotta comfortable and was no longer silently freaking out in her head. Rick had turned on some music and found a nice song for Cyndi.

The beat started and she began nodding her head to it then she glanced at him and smiled. "Wait, I know this song. From MCR, right?"

He nodded. "Vampires will never hurt you, by My Chemical Romance." Now this was his kind of music. She smiled and Rick couldn't help smiling back. She had good taste in music.

He glanced over to see her watching out the window as she tapped her fingers against the door, humming softly along with the song. What is this girl doing to him? Rick didn't usually get close to anyone, he preferred solitude, but she just stood out to him, her bright green eyes leaving him speechless sometimes.

She was unlike any other girl that he's ever interacted with, she was real, nothing fake about her, that's why she asked her out, that's why he was bringing her to one of my favorite places.

Rick parked the car at the curb next to a hookah lounge in a quaint small town of small shops and hangouts then turned to look at Cyndi. She took a second to realize that the car had stopped then whipped around to face him. "A—are we here?" she peeked out the window, her face visibly going pale. He chucked. "A—a hookah lounge?"

"Yes, but that's not where I'm taking you." her cheeks lite up and she chuckled nervously. Rick smiled then laughed at her assumption. "Come on." he got out of the car and walked over to her door, opening it for her and bowing playfully. She was freaking out, she knew that because she was still holding her hand and she was silent besides me. She smiled as they walked and she stared at him wide eyed. "Don't be so nervous. I promise you'll love it." she nodded and bit the inside of her cheek.

"Where's the place?" she asked as he bent down the alleyway.

"You'll see," It was a quiet night, not too cold or too humid which set a date night mood. "Do you trust me?" Rick asked as they stopped walking. She stopped along with him and glanced away a little.

"I trust that you won't scare me away." her eyes seemed to get glossy as she spoke. She was so virtuous and simple, yet there was so much more to her.

Rick stepped closer to her, and cupped her warm cheek in palms. "You being happy tonight is my main concern and I promise that you'll have a great time." His eyes searched hers and saw how truly pure she was. She was too much of a nice girl to have a crappy first date.

A small smile touched her lips and his heart skipped a beat at her simple expression of happiness.

My heart was beating irregularly as Rick told me that he wanted me to have a great night.

He still had my hand in his and I wondered why I hadn't fainted yet because of this. I had to keep my cool as much as possible and not embarrass him and most importantly myself. He walked up to a tall, tough looking guy who could have easily been mistaken for a model. He was all muscle, with tattoos, the ones he did have covered his two arms with a variety of tattoos that looked almost as beautiful as Rick's own body art, and he also seemed to smell like anger, by his looks alone. I side-stepped behind of Rick and heard as he chuckled and reached out to hug an arm around my neck, bringing me closer to him. My face did what it always does and changed colors like a scared chameleon hiding behind a red pepper.

"Hey Tommy." he greeted nonchalantly.

"Hey Rick, and who is this cutie?" he asked in a sweet deep voice. I was almost surprised but not fully. "I've never seen you bring anyone here before." his voice did not fully fit his body, it was so smooth and calming that for a second he seemed to me, to sound like Michael Jackson. Rick smiled and shrugged.

"She's my date. Cyndi, this is Tommy, Tommy, Cyndi. "

Tommy as Rick addressed him raised an eyebrow and looked my way, causing me to shrink against Rick's side until I realized what I was doing—melting myself literally into Rick's side. Mortification didn't even begin to explain what I was feeling at this moment. "She's a pretty thing, does she speak?" he asked in his odd fitting monotonous voice. He stretched his hand for me and I analyzed it like a cautious surgeon. His hand seemed free of callouses and was tattooless. I slowly put my hand in his large large palm and surprisingly his hand was warm and firm. "Hi Cyndi. You seem like a very nice girl." I tried with all my might—and it wasn't alot, to not blush at his compliment as I looked down as my converse, sliding my hand from Tommy's gentle grip.

Rick glanced at me, and saw how flustered I was and turned back to Tommy. "Yeah, but she's shy and you're not making it any better." his tone held some playfulness and if he thought that it was funny to shoot me while I was weak then I digress.

"Hey," I said finally speaking up, "I can talk for myself." I said as I stood up away from Rick. Where I found this newly discovered dauntlessness was unknown to me but for some reason my ego took his words to heart and rebelled against my better judgment. Rick wasn't shocked, not really but Tommy kind of was.

"So, she does speak, nice voice too. Looks like you're a lucky one Rico." I raised a questioning brow, my curiosity peaking in the matter of seconds at Rick's nickname.

"Huh? Rico?" my mouth is really on roll tonight... help me brain, she's being a bad little mouth. "Is that a nickname?"

He shrugged again. "Yeah, Tommy knows me really well, and he's one of the few people that address me as such. And you can too." he suggested meekly as he scratched the back of his neck. I didn't know what to say, I mean I was just given permission to call him by his infamous nickname and I kinda felt honored. I again began changing colors as my face once again imitated a tomato.

"Cat got her tongue again, Rico?" he snorted, mocking me.

"Yeah, that keeps happening a lot, I really need to find that pesky cat." Rick or Rico as Tommy referred to him said before. He laughed and played along instead of helping me out.

"Not funny." I squeaked. Could someone die from embarrassment because I think that's what needs to be engraved on my tombstone: Here lies Cyndi Fenton, died from embarrassment on her first date. Yeah, I think that's how I'll disappear. I sighed and began nibbling on my bottom lip. Rick smiled and squeezed my hand a little which I completely didn't realize he went back to holding until then.

"I'll be nice Cyndi, I promise." he winked at me and then turned back to Tommy. "So, is it crowded tonight?" is it crowded? Is what crowded? I asked frantically.

"The lounge." Tommy answered, apparently my mouth didn't wait for my brain to tell it to speak, and instead just went ahead and voiced my thoughts. "Where'd you think he brought you?" he asked as he folded his arms over his chest. I shrugged when I was at a loss of words, I didn't know a thing about where I was being taken, it was a place he said he liked to come to, so I didn't guess too far ahead.

"No clue."

"Well then, you may enter and no Rico, it's not that filled." he stepped aside for us and then pushed open the door that he had been guarding. "Enjoy your date, Cyndi." he said as I passed by after Rick, I smiled at him and he smiled back as he shut the door after us.

I hadn't realized how dark the place was until I tried looking around and didn't make out much of anything. I gripped Rick's hand tighter as he guides me farther into the darkness, the fear of where he was taking me gripped at my stomach and turned it upside down. "R—Rick?" I choked out. "Rick!" I said speaking a little louder.

"Yes?" for some reason my heart did a flip when I heard his voice respond to my question.

"Where are we?" I was desperately trying to look around for reassurance that I wasn't in some scary place with bad people waiting to pounce. My head began to hurt from the lack of light and I wanted to then turn around and run back to the door back to Tommy where there was light.

My brain was on red alert and my body was in panic mood, because I couldn't take in all my surroundings, I jumped a mile away when I bumped into someone. I squealed like a frightened little girl holding both hands against my speedily beating heart, as my breathing came out heavy. I shut my eyes, holding back tears as my body betrayed me and made me quiver from fear. "Hey Cyndi, are you alright?" he asked, but my mouth didn't feel up to responding anymore, instead it stayed sealed and didn't dare utter a word. Hands touched my shoulders and I felt a jolt of familiarity go through my whole body and then I was pulled forward, coming close to a warm, masculine chest and froze. He felt so pleasant, and safe, I don't know what I was thinking but I rested my head against his chest and listened to his breathing, which was slightly accelerated. "You okay Cyndi?" his voice was soft, placid as his hand rubbed circles against my back. "We need to find a seat, Cyndi."

"Answer me one thing." I whispered as I pushed back a bit to find his green gaze in the dark room.

He nodded, "Sure, anything."

"Where are we? This surprise is way too unnerving." I replied. He nodded.

"We're at a spoken word lounge. It's where people speak out loud, in expressive tones of voice as they speak poetic verses about emotions and other things." while I processed his words I began to realize how much I acted so... dreadful.

"Oh..." I sighed and combed a hand back over my hair, as I now really looked around, allowing my eyes to adjust to the dark room and finally, seeing my surroundings for the first time, small tables that sat two or three max were spread all around the room, while food was being sold at the back of the large room. Everyone else in the place seemed just like Rick, dark and mysterious. "... I'm sorry, I... I'm very sorry." The onslaught of tears prickled at my eyes and this time I could hold them back. Rick's soft pads of his fingers wiped at my eyes and shushed me affectionately.

"It's okay, no harm done, I promise." I sniffled silently and glanced up at him, smiling as those soft eyes he smiled back. "I hope you're okay." I was, but I felt crappy for all the trouble I caused in a matter of 30 minutes, oh gosh it felt like several x hours since he picked me up. I sighed at him and hugged my arms around him. I sighed again against his chest and then felt as he pressed a kiss to my forehead. He pulled back and then watched me from under shaded eyes. "Let's go seat down okay." a small smile ghosted over my lips and Rick took my hand and guided me to a small table for two.

When we sat down my hand was still clasped within Rick's hand and I surprisingly wasn't red faced. I looked at him from hooded eyes thinking of how he so easily took in all my awkward moments and breakdowns. I was a barely functioning human being and he was different, misunderstood and kindhearted. He really was a nice guy, I'm happy that he asked me out and happier that he coped with me.

Rick nudged my shoulder and I looked up at him. "Are you hungry, nachos good?" he asked, I nodded with a smile. He left me alone leaving me with time to search around the place more. It was then that I noticed the short and small stage in the very front of the lounge, not yet lit by any stage lights. I sighed as I sat back in my seat, thinking of what kind of poetry was going to be spoken tonight. I wonder if Rick ever went up and spoke his mind and heart out in a poetic manner.

Thinking about him expressing himself like that made my heart flutter a little. I sighed and turned around as footfall approached my table. "Rick?"

"Sadly no, but you can call me Yolan." the voice said, I glanced up and saw a dark haired boy, around my age maybe a bit older and he was covered with tattoos, not completely like Rick, but he had two almost full sleeves of tattoo and a few more on his neck, since he was wearing a black tank top with a black jacket tied at his hips, it made it easy to see his tattoos. "So what's a nice, pretty little girl like you doing here?" he asked sitting down without my approval.

I blushed at what he said and turned to him. "That's someone else's seat and I'm not here alone."

"Aww, that's a shame, you're so cute. I'd love to be that lucky guy. Rick, was it that you called him." I froze, gulping in nervousness.

"Y—yes. So do you mind, um leaving please, my friend will be back in awhile." he smirked and I paled, that look didn't sit right with me. Not at all.

He came closer and I visibly froze. What in all that is gothic, wild and crazy is he doing!?! He was coming way too close and I started freaking out as I inched farther away, finally being able to move but he didn't stop coming forward, not until a hand grasped his shoulder and forcefully pulled him away. Yolan fell back onto the floor and then Rick appeared with a large bowl of nachos and cheese and set it on the table. He turned towards Yolan so that I couldn't see his face. "If I were you, I'd leave her alone." his voice was so deep that it made goose bumps rise on my skin, just like it had when he scowled Jenna at school.

Fear of him just simply wasn't finding me, instead I was slightly honored and wanted to know more about him and his reason why. I didn't fear him and I wasn't going to, not after all he told me.

Yolan hurriedly got to his feet and stepped up to Rick, he only scoffed at him then stormed off. Rick grumbled something under his breath as he turned towards me. He sat down and sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Rick... are you okay?" I asked as I reached out to touch his shoulder. He flinched and I stopped just as I touched him.

"I'm fine. Did he hurt you?"

"No, he didn't, I'm fine Rick. I promise."


The night carried on with some beautiful display for poetry and Rick had calmed himself over the course of the night. The night had gone from good to bad, to heartwarming to random to good in the end. Let's hope it stayed in the good.
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