I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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11. Butterflies Questions & a Goth full of Tattoos

Cyndi was gazing out of the window while Rick drove the gentle tune of Hurricane by MS MR making her feel relaxed. When Rick glanced over at her she was fast asleep with her head against the glass. He chuckled at her and threw his jacket over her, which he had taken off once he got in the car.

The drive back to her home was quiet and he was happy that they had fun. Cyndi seemed more open to him and he was very thankful that he asked her out. He glanced over at her once more before he parked infront of her house. He wish that the night didn't have to end so soon but she was tired and needed to sleep.

"Cyndi?" he gently shook her and she jumped up from her sleep, whipping around in surprise then calming down once she saw Rick's face. She hadn't noticed that she had fallen asleep the ride had been so peaceful that it didn't jump out to her that she had dozed off.

"Sorry." she yawned as she rubbed her eyes of their sleepiness.

"It's okay. We're at your home now." she pouted when she saw that he had parked infront of her home and sort of wished he didn't have to go so soon.

Rick, as if reading her mind, smiled and touched her shoulder. "I'll see you tomorrow." she nodded and realized that Rick's jacket was draped over her shoulders. She blushed. "Did you cover me?"

"You seemed cold." He got out of the car and walked around to her door. Opening it for her and helping her out of the car.

"Thank you."

"No prob. Come on, you were knocked out." He chuckled. She rolled her eyes and playfully shoved his left shoulder.

"Shut up."

"Never." he chuckled as he walked with her up the stairs. They stood before the door and she sighed tiredly.

"Well, this is me."

"Yeah, it is. Have a goodnight, Cyndi." He came forward and hugged her, she melted against his warm body and sighed contently, not wanting this moment to end. He pulled back from their hug then turned to leave. She smiled and hugged his jacket around her then gasped in realization. Now noticing he was missing something. "Wait Rick your jacket!" she exclaimed as she ran down the stairs taking his jacket off as she ran to give it back to him.

He turned around and saw her coming back down the stairs, she held up his leather jacket for him. He smiled at her, pushing her hand back as she offered him his jacket back. "Keep it, I have others."

"But you said this was your favorite."

"Yeah, it is." she was conflicted, should she be happy or should she feel flattered, but wait, isn't that the same thing? She looked back at him, he looked so different with his arms out, and they were covered in skeletal tattoos and horror inspired ones as well. His arms were also muscular and lean, she blushed once she caught his gaze and caught him smirking. He chuckled absentmindedly as he looked back at her and gave her a reassuring smile. "Go on inside Cyndi, it's late."

"Okay... goodnight." but she didn't move or even attempt to. He waited, then smirked and walked up to her. Closing what little space they had between them, shivers overtook her body as she shook while he closed in. He gently cupped her cheeks in his soft palms and slowly pressed his lips to hers.

Her eyes went wide, then they fluttered close as her brain combusted, her heart melted, her stomach grew butterflies and her body floated because of the excessive butterflies flying around inside of her. He pulled back then ran his thumb against her bottom lip and then let his hands drop. "Goodnight Cyndi Fenton." he turned and got into his car. She stood there still feeling her body tingling happily as he rolled down the passenger window. "Go in the house, it's late." She nodded absentmindedly and turned to go, her feet working on their own accord, because she didn't want to leave yet, she just needed to feel that sweet, gushy, fluttery feeling forever. She got to the door as she was entering she heard as the car began. She whipped around in time to see him drive off before she closed the door. She locked the door then leaned back against it and slid down to her butt. She covered her face with her hands, her heart beating fast, her head twirling like a ballerina fighting for a spot in the top dance school. She was, she was... she didn't know what she was, she was just... she was just.

"What did he do to you?" exclaimed Jeremy as he rushed towards Cyndi. He was about to kneel before her, when she didn't answer, but she then jumped up and clashed into him, hugging him tightly as she grinned so wide her cheeks cursed her. He was shocked at her sudden outburst of affection. He hugged her back nonetheless, sitting the both of them up since she knocked him over to his back in the process of attacking him with joy.

She was squealing happily and he was amazed at how joyous she was. He pried her arms from around his neck so that he could see her face, she was so bright with delight that it made him smile. She was giddy, she looked so beautiful smiling so bold and proud. "I take it, it went well then?" he asked. She nodded like a bobble head and he laughed cupping her face in his hands, so she couldn't accidently give herself whiplash. Her green eyes were so stunning as she smiled, rocking back and forth in his lap. She couldn't even contain her happiness. He was pleased that her first date went well.

She deserved a good first date. He brushed his thumb on her cheek, feeling how soft and fragile she was. He chuckled as she squeezed her eyes shut and sighed out in bliss. Gosh, why was she so cute? He asked himself.

Jeremy didn't think for a second and before he could think coherently her brought his face closer to Cyndi's and pressed his lips to hers. She gasped, her eyes flying open. Jeremy was kissing her!

Jeremy bloody Hearst was kissing her. Her vision blurred for a second as he brought out a soft moan from her lips. Her eyes closing as he hugged his firm arms round her small waist, squeezing her to him. She wasn't sure when her brain exploded but she knew not of what was happening, but only that she felt such a primal feeling emitting from Jeremy as he kissed her. He deepened their kiss and her hand went up into his dark blond hair. She sighed into his kiss, her arms around him. It was getting harder to breathe as they sat there, the room temperature suddenly feeling too hot for the both of them.

Jeremy couldn't believe how amazing it felt to kiss her, how soft she was, how gentle her caress was and sweet she tasted. His hand was at her hip, then moved up under her shirt, she gasped at his hot hand against her skin, her eyes going hazy as he kissed at her neck, Cyndi bit her lip, trying desperately not to moan.

His hand was slowly inching higher until her eyes snapped opened and she could finally think straight. Her mind replayed everything from her entering the house to now in lightening fastness and she quickly pushed away from Jeremy, her face as shocked as someone seeing a ghost of a lost love one. Her hands covering her mouth as she pushed herself up against the door. Jeremy sat there, his face too was as stunned as hers. He touched his lips. "Cyndi, I'm so..." he trailed off, not fully knowing how he could possibly make this better. He tried to reach out to her but she jerked back and shot up to her feet and raced pass him upstairs her room. Her door slamming shut a few seconds later. He facepalmed himself as he dragged his hands back through his hair and cursed himself. He didn't intent to even touch her, she—damn, she was like a drug, he felt addicted and he didn't want that to happen, but when it did, he didn't want it to stop.

He got up off of the floor just as Mike and Issac came towards him. "Where's Cyndi? I hear a door slam." Issac asked as he saw the look on Jeremy's face. "Is she okay?" he pressed. Jeremy didn't looked up at him or answer, but instead looked down at his bare feet. "What the freak happened Jeremy?" Issac snapped angrily. He shoved at his chest when he refused to answer but Mike pulled him away when he saw how annoyed Issac was.

"Babe, calm down. Jer, what the hell happened?" he looked up at his twin then shook his head. The boys speaking an unspoken code with their eyes as Issac struggled against Mike's hold on him. Jeremy sighed and then Mike released Issac. "She's in her room." he whispered as he reached for his brother and pulled him towards the door.

"Wait, you're leaving?"

"Yeah, we need to talk. Tell Cyndi I said bye. I'll see you tomorrow." He didn't wait for Issac's reply as he left out the front door. Issac stood there for a second longer, listening to the silence as he shook his head. He swore under his breath then ran up to Cyndi's room.

The door was locked and he sighed as he pressed his head against the wooden surface. "Cyn, please come out. Talk to me baby girl what happened?" Cyndi's sob came through the door and at that moment in her life she wanted to cry so much that it hurt her all the way in her core.
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