I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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11. 2. Concerns, Tears and a Twin with regrets

Issac knocked at her door trying to get her to answer him but she wasn't listening, he pressed his ear to the door to hear her sobbing and it hurt him to the core.

What did he do her? He pounded on the door again. "Cyn, I am not leaving until you talk to me, so I'll just sit outside your door until you're ready to speak to me." The sobbing continued to which he sighed and sat down on the floor besides her door. He took out his cell and found Mike's name and sent him a text.

'Whatever Jeremy did, I do not like the position that it put me in. We'll talk, but not now.'

He put his phone off then slide it into his back pocket. "Cyndi, please don't keep yourself locked up without at least talking to me first. Please Cyn." He pleaded. He heard no response, but a minute ticked by as he sat with his legs stretched out, his toes almost touching the opposite wall of the hallway. He disliked when she shut herself out. It was something unsettling that might have happened before he reached her and the thought of that being the reason why she locked herself in her room was suffocating him. His eyes were getting blurry with tears which he tried to fight away, but it was difficult to keep sitting here not doing anything while she was suffering in there. He sniffled, and the water in his eyes began to escape his eyes and run down his cheek. The bedroom door clicked, and Cyndi peered out of the room to see Issac silently crying next to her room. She brushed away her tears and dropped down beside him and threw her arms around his neck. He jolted from the suddenness of her hug and heard Cyndi crying against him. He instantly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his lap. "It's okay Cyndi. Just let it out." He rubbed her back as she hugged herself to him.

An hour past, and Cyndi had stopped crying. Issac had carried her to her bed and set her on top of her sheet, but she still hadn't spoken a word to him about what had happened and what caused her to cry... what Jeremy did to make her cry and if he said something, what had it been? He was getting a headache from thinking of the many scenarios that could have happened before he got to her. He was mad at himself a little for not being there to greet her from her date. "Are you ready to tell me yet? Not to rush you, but just so I can know what to say Cyn. I'm at a loss here. Did he do something? Say something? Did he make you feel uncomfortable? What, please just tell me." his voice cracked and he exhaled a quick heavy breath and ran a hand back through his hair. Cyndi sat up and bit her down lip... "Jeremy kissed me." Issac's jaw tightened and his eyes darkened.

"He what!?"
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