I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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11. 3. Concerns, Tears and a Twin with regrets

Cyndi had stopped crying after Issac exclaimed what he had after she confessed what Jeremy did to her. She told him everything, how she felt, how he felt, and how it was like to feel so entirely conflicted with both happy, and saddened by their exchange.

She hid her face within her pillow and muffled out incoherent words that Issac had to pry away pillow to hear her say. "I'm mad because it felt so good and I hate that he did that after I had kissed Rick!" She grabbed the oversized sandwich pillow and flopped face first into it as she buried her shame and her worries into its plush confines. "I'm going to kill him." Issac declares, grounding his teeth together as his fist clench at the pillowcase. He nearly ripped a hole but stops as he realizes how strained the fabric was. He huffed out and threw the pillow back on the bed. He shot up from the floor. "Cyn, why don't you go take a shower and try to forget that this happened. If only for a little while? How does that sound?" She nodded a warm bath sounded like heaven to her right now. She needed to be reimagined of her might out with Rick, not the most horribly times kiss in the history of all kisses!

On one night—ONE night, she had managed to kiss two boys! Two more boys than she has ever kissed know her entire life—two boys! She finally lifted her head from her sandwich pillow and saw Issac with his hand out. She looked at his face and he dawned a comforting smile that worked on calming her down, but only by a few levels. She was still pissed and confused over Jeremy's kiss and his hands, those big hands that took to roaming under her ahirt... those very hands that felt like they were burning a path of fire along her skin. She squealed at the memory and buried her face into her hands again, but there was Issac offering her a hand, one that intended to help and she couldn't refuse it, not him... not the only person in this world who loved her more than she could have ever imagined. She slipped her dainty hand into his hand and thanked God that she had someone here with her. She couldn't bear to face Jeremy and the truth alone. "Tomorrow I'm going to rip him a new one."

"Issac... please don't."

"Cyndi, he had his hands and mouth on you, he ruined what would have been a perfect night for you. Your first date is ruined!"

"No it isn't." She gasped at finding her voice somewhere inside her chest. "Rick and I had an amazing night and it would have ended so fully if I hadn't freaked out and tackled him—and he's also wrong for kissing me without permission and kissing me knowing that I just went on a date."

"Cyn..." Issac stepped closer and wrapped his arms around her neck, her shoulder drooping as her eyes bubbled over with tears. Her hands weakly gripped at his shirt as she sobbed against his chest.


The morning greeted Cyndi's quiet room filled with the previous nights worries, tears, cries of guilt and confusion. Issac hadn't gone home until the after three in the morning, thankful that he didn't live far away. Cyndi had been so wreaked with guilt and uncertain how to process the kiss she and Jeremy shared and how he made her lose focus on the wonderful night that she had had with this great guy who showed such an interest in her. She was more confused than when astronomers proclaimed that Pluto was not a planet... but took it back and have yet to give a proper answer to that mystery. She woke up feeling groggy, her eyes heavy and swollen nearly red. Her cheeks puffy and her body feeling as though she lugged several heavy bags up a neverending staircase to her mind where she was uneasy with suffering from being unrest.

She rose from her bed, wanting nothing more than to crawl back into it and call it a sick day. She sighed when her second early alarm rang. She groaned, 6:20am, couldn't have been any more disheartening. "Come on Cyndi wake up?" She slapped her cheeks and whimpered when she felt the sting of her slap. She jumped off her bed and ran into the bathroom having been too distraught to have taken a shower, so she grabbed her towel and finally took that much needed shower.

Cyndi dawned a black an oversized hoodie, acid washed skinny jeans. She braided her hair in two and jogged down the stairs, dragging her bag behind her. "Cinnabon!" Issac exclaimed, Cyndi's eyes wide open as she came down the last few stairs. "What...?"

"Today, I'm gonna kill Jeremy and then make out with his brother." Cyndi huffed out softly, her pout making Issac roll his eyes. "It's a joke. You laugh at those, remember?" She shrugged and he shook his head. It was too early to joke about anything. "Oh, come on honey, you cannot let that handsome jerk dampen your mood." She continued to walk away from him but then reached out and grabbed her by the shoulders, stopping her in her stride. He spun her around and her stomach twirled too. "Look here," he narrowed his eyes at her, "you cannot block out the fact that last night you had an amazing first date with Rick, no guy—no matter how handsome and how stupid should ruin that. Jeremy was wrong, okay. That is not up for debate, but Cyndi, I could tell that you had a great time by the way you blushed and smiled and hugged your pillow while you spoke of you and Rick's date. So quit it. Quit that mood and then that sodden look upside down and show me that beautiful beaming smile that you carry so well." Issac's eyes widened when he saw tears brimming her big green eyes. "Issac..." she shrugged off his hands and jumped him, hugging her arms around his waist. He sighed, smiling as he hugged her back. She was surely something. "Thank you." She pulled back and wiped her face. "I'll try my best to focus on the good instead of the bad... but, what about Jeremy?"

He shrugged. "We'll just avoid him today."

"How? He's right outside with Mike." Issac turned around to where Cyndi's eyes were. "Bullocks."

"Should we just address the twin elephant I'm the room, or do I run back to my room and hide under the bed until they go off to college?" Issac chuckled at the ridiculousness of her question. "No silly... we pit on brave faces and face the issue head on." She touched his arm. "I don't wanna."

"But you gotta. We are kinda all friends, and Mike and I may officially be dating. I can't avoid him forever, and since we're a packaged Cinnabon, you can't really hide from him either." She puffed up her cheeks, and he poked her right cheek that was pressed to his side. "Come on. We're super early for school, so we should at least try and hear him out."

Cyndi poked his hip. "You're only willing to speak with him because Mike is here to hold you back, aren't you?" He chuckled and nodded. "Oh, you know it."

"Should we let them in? We could always leave our the back door and go through the back gate, and into Ms. Yanda's yard. Stoky wouldn't mind the company."

"We're not escaping, besides I'm about 95% sure that they already saw us." He detached her arms from around his waist and walked to the front door. Cyndi lifted her hood and covered her face, thankful that she had braided her afro down.

"Hey Cyndi." Jeremy's timid voice said followed by Issac sucking his teeth.
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