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12. Slamming doors and howling boys

Cyndi faced the boy who she had only met a day ago, the very boy who had quickly become her friend and in the next instant turned her happiest day ever into one that ended with her in a bundle of pillows with tears staining her face. "Hey Cyndi."


"I hate myself for doing what I did, and asking for forgiveness seems like a lot compared to the fact that you barely know me and vice versa." He scratched the back of his head while Issac stood with his arms folded and his face set. Mike was quiet and didn't look towards Issac, feeling bad for what happened, and blaming himself slightly for the events of last night. "I am so sorry for... for kissing you, especially after your date with Rick. I don't know if you'll forgive me but I do want you to know that this won't ever happen again. I... I wasn't thinking." She nodded, biting her lip and for a moment her mind was calm. Jeremy and Mike were new territory for her and Issac. They were used to being fawned over by pretty girls and given almost anything they wanted. They were popular and lived in a completely different world... but that meant nothing to her... "did you even think before you kissed me? You didn't even ask, and... and then next thing I know your lips are on mine and mine are moving too! Urgh, you confused me so much yesterday. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack!" She threw off her hood and her green eyes were filled with water, she was furious. "I don't wanna see you! Not so soon after you ruined one of the best nights of my life." She turned and grabbed her bag and Rick's leather jacket and brushed passed Jeremy heading for Issac's car. The three boys were left standing there in silence.

Issac clapped his hands. "Well. Cyndi's words are law. Why don't you give her some time to sort out her thoughts, Jeremy." He nodded, sniffling as he wiped at his eyes. Issac motioned towards the door and Mike patted his brothers shoulder and they walked out of the house. Issac took out his keys and locked up, since Mrs. Fenton trusted him with the well fair of both their house and daughter. Cyndi didn't turn around as the twins past her and crossed the street to their car. Cyndi squeezed Rick's jacket tighter in her arms as she waited for Issac. Jeremy wanted to get on his knees and beg but Mike didn't let go of his arm as he ushered him into their jeep. "Please, tell me that you're okay?"

"I wanna go to school Issac." He nodded and opened her door for her.

"It was unlocked."

"I know. I just... I wanted... I thought I had more to tell him, but I don't."

He nodded. "Understood." She got into the car and he shut the door after her and got into this gray car and started the car and began driving to school. "How about I stay with you for the weekend?"

"I'd like that." Her phone beeped and she looked to see Rick's name on the screen. 'Morning Cyn, I hope you had a restful night and pray you have a great day.' A drop of liquid blurred the message on her phone and Issac jerked when he heard sobbing from his best friend. "Cyndi?"

"Issac... Rick doesn't even know." Issac sighed, today's forecast was going to be cloudy with a chance of trouble.


Issac had gotten Cyndi to stop crying, but as she sat in first period, sans Issac and Rick she couldn't help but think of how her mood had changed drastically from happy to sad. "Ms. Fenton?" She couldn't believe that Jeremy had kissed her. Why would he even do that? "Ms. Fenton?" Especially after only a few hours of meeting her. Was she that attractive to him? Or did he just... what? She didn't even know. A textbook slammed onto her desk before her and she gasped and jumped out of her chair. "WHAT THE HOLY HELL!"

"Cyndi? Where is your head? Are you feeling alright? You're never this distracted from class." The class had erupted in laughter and Ms. Michaels whipped around to address the class. "Quiet!" The laughter died down and she turned her attention back to Cyndi and gasped, her eyes glassy. Ms. Michaels touched her shoulder and lowered her voice. "Take a hall pass on my desk and go to the nurses office or the counselor's office, okay?" She tilted her head to catch her small head nod. She patted her shoulder and Cyndi took her bag and walked passed her. She had thrown on Rick's jacket over her hoodie and was happy for her small size, because it was a perfect fit and was warm on this chilly July day. She couldn't understand how she had gotten herself in such a predicament. Before yesterday, she was nerdy Cyndi Fenton who had only one best friend, one great life that didn't have any complications other than her shyness and now she had kissed two boys went on a date, befriended two of the school's most popular boys and had to be excused from her favorite class... English. She sighed. She pushed in the restroom door and gasped when she heard a thud and a scream. "Oh God, oh God, oh God! I'm so, so, so sorry." She dropped to her knees. "Omg are you okay?" She touched her hand to the other girl's arm and she nodded while holding her head. "Thank God I had my hair out today. Saved me from a concussion." Cyndi covered her face, she couldn't do anything right. "Hey, hey. It's okay, see I'm all good?" She showed Cyndi that she was okay, her hands stretched out to showcase that she had no bumps or bruises on her. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. No damaged done? Why are you still crying? Oh girly, your eyes are red." She sat up properly and then decided to stand. She held her hands out to Cyndi and helped her off her knees. "You okay?"

"No! I'm beyond not okay, I don't even... oh. I'm sorry, this isn't your issue."

She shook her head. "So what? I'd be heartless to ignore a pretty girl crying. Come on." She patted her back and walked her into the restroom so she could wash her face. The girl grabbed some paper towels and smiled at Cyndi after she had washed off her face under the cool water. "Look, dry your face." She took the offering and did as she was told. "You okay?" Cyndi shook her head. "No, umm." She scrutinized her, "name?"

"Oh," she laughed, " haha, I'm Dylan, Dylan Wright. And you?"

"Cyndi Fenton. I'm sorry for dragging you into my problems, you can leave if you want. And thank you."

"Your welcome, but you're not getting rid of me that easily, you're clearly going through something. Wanna talk it out?" She met the brown eyes the other girl, who seemed pleasant and caring and smiled. She nodded, she needed to speak to someone about this and a fellow girl, would hopefully be helpful. "Sure, if it won't put you in a hard position."

She waved her off. "Nah. And by the way you don't seem the type for metallic leather jackets. Who's the lucky guy, or girl. I don't judge." Cyndi laughed, really laugehd and then sighed. "He's an awesome guy that I met yesterday, if you believe it."

"Oh girl, in high school anything is possible." They laughed and Dylan gestured to the stalls. "Did you want to use...?"

"Oh, oh, no. I didn't. I just couldn't focus in class."

"Wow, must have been a bad problem... how about we get some fresh air." Dylan led the way and Cyndi couldn't have been happier to have a new friend.


Cyndi and Dylan found a quiet playground near the grade school and sat on the swings as she bleed her heart out to her new friend, she told her about Rick and the twins, and Issac and Mike and even about what was really beating heavy on her back. Dylan shook her head as she listened to Cyndi get emotional about the kiss. "I hated how I reacted, I kissed him back! I mean I freaking kissed him back and I... I..."

"You liked it." Dylan added for her. Cyndi kicked off and swung for a few before she slowly came back besides Dylan. "I liked it. And I told him this morning that I don't wanna see him."

"Harsh... but he was wrong. I mean, yeah, he may have thought you were cute, but that did not give him any permission to kiss you. I mean... I would have freaked out too, especially after a date like the one you and Rick had." The girls sat there in silence swinging back and forth, Dylan had on a gray and black sweatsuit with black sneakers on, her curly afro of brown and black streaks big and fluffy. Cyndi felt like a ten ton weight was lifted off her shoulders. "I'm happy that we could talk... I never thought that today and yesterday would ever be possible, but damn... so much changes in just 24 hours. "Do you think Rick will be mad?" She asked slowing down her swinging. Dylan shrugged. "Nah, from what you told me. He doesn't seen the type to hold grudges."

"How about you? I feel so selfish for talking only about myself. Are you all good?"

She began to chuckled which turned into laughter and then she sighed. "Cyndi, you're the first person here to care enough to actually ask me that question. No one on the basketball team cares to ask, they just wanna hang out and practice and then go about their way with their real friends. The only person I was friends with for a small amount of time left for college... Kian, I wonder if he's all right."

"Wait... Kian? Kian Fenton?" Cyndi fished out her cell and pulled up a picture of her brother and showed it to Dylan. "Him?" Dylan's eyes widened as she stopped and took the phone from her grasp. "Oh my God."

"He's my brother, he went to another state to play a big basketball game. Oh my God. You know him?"

"He was awesome. I mean, he had his own place and he was smart, even taught me a few basketball tricks... I owe him my first game I ever won. He was two classes older than me, so when I met him he was out the door. We lost contact because of how busy we became."

"Wait, so you're a senior, now?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Junior. One more year here." She laughed. Dylan handed her back her cell. "High school is filled with mischief and all the little princesses that think they run the world." She shook her head. "College will be a bit better. Well, the college I wanna go to."

"You still gonna do basketball?"

"Hell yeah, and also women studies."

"Cool, yeah... I can't wait." They were quiet as the morning clouds breezed by. "So, is there anyone in your life who you like?" Timid and maybe asking too much, Cyndi still asked what she was curious about to her. Dylan shook her head. "Not really, there was just a girl... we have P.E together, and well, she is... she is sporty and funny and so smart. I just can't speak when I'm around her sometimes," she shrugged, "I just feel like an awkward potato, you know?" Cyndi laughed and Dylan gave her a look. "Sorry, but I get surprisingly quiet around people I like too, just like an awkward potato, and to be honest, if I were you, I'd suffer through it and just try talking to her. Dylan, I think that you're awesome and she would too, if she got to know you. I mean I hit you with a door and you were so nonchalant about it. You even saw my distress and were kind enough to help me out and talk to me. Those are qualities that you can't just get overnight. You're a great person Dylan." Dylan blushed and nudged her shoulder. "You're so sweet, gosh, you're like the little sister that I always wanted." The two laughed and Cyndi reached for her phone when she felt it vibrate and gasped. "It's Rick."
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