I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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13. Confessions of a confused teenage nerd

Oh my God, oh my no! Oh all mighty mother of holy flipping God!

Rick was calling!

He was actually calling. He had dialed her number and was ringing her phone. Cyndi tossed her cell and Dylan exclaimed and caught her phone in midair as she turned back at her with wide eyes. "What the hell... answer it?"

Cyndi removed her glasses and shoved it into her hoodie's pouch. "No, I can't, Dylan what if I tell him by accident about Jeremy?"

"You won't, just tell him that you need to talk. Catch." She threw the phone back and Cyndi jumped up out of the swing and caught it as it nearly kissed the ground. "Oh fuck." She squealed, as she answered it. 'Rick?' She felt her throat closing up, she knew that she was about to choke and make a weird mistake. 'Hey, what's wrong, you didn't reply to my text this morning.'

'I'm... I.' She looked up to Dylan and she rolled her wrist around to tell her to go on. 'I'm okay... but I need to speak with you.'

'Is it something about last night?'

She shook her head but he couldn't see, so she exhaled all her worry and just answered honestly. 'No, last night was perfect... almost perfect. Please just, just meet me by the cafeteria later.' She hung up and dropped the phone on her bag near the swing. "I'm going to die young." She dropped to her knees on the padded ground and dropped forward. What would Rick think of her after she told him about what happened after she got home?

Dylan brows knitted together, a calculating stare passing over her face. Cyndi seemed so much like she did whenever she was around Elissa. She felt a strong need to protect her, someone she had just met from a random incident, someone she had realized was in a deep pain. Her father always did tell her that she had a heart of gold pinned just on the outside on her shirt, lying over where it should have been concealed. Not even her ribcage could protect her from liking Cyndi enough to probably wanting to become her friend.

She thinks getting closer to this adorable girlwould truly be a whirlwind. Kian was definitely her brother all right. She didn't know what it was about these siblings, but they seemed to show a humane side of themselves to others that most didn't care to show. She approached the muttering teen and girl down on her knees besides her. "Cyndi. I think you'll survive talking to him." She lifted a hand but hesitated as it hovered over her shoulder. Gently, she put her hand on her back. Trying to keep her calm. "How about this, what if I stick around. You know... be there for youwhen you meet him? Would that that help?"

Cyndi sniffled and nodded, her head still staring at her bag. She rubbed the sleeve of the hoodie over her eyes. It looked ten sizes too big and Dylan nearly chuckled. "Yes please." She whispered, Dylan smiled. Cyndi was like a delicate petal that would bruise if one were to squeeze her too tightly. "Wanna hug?" She wasn't a hugger, but Cyndi looked like she needed a hug. Cyndi took a glimpse at her, Dylan rose a brow, her smile never leaving her face. She opened her hands for her and Cyndi squeezed her eyes tight, trying hard not to grind. She pounced into her arms as Dylan wrapped her arms around her thick layers of clothing. "Thank you. You don't look like a hugger." Cyndi said.

Dylan laughed against her shoulder. "I really not." The two of them stayed like that for what seemed to stretch on for longer than was normal for two girls who had just been strangers not too long ago. "It may not be as warm as you're used to," she apologized, but that didn't matter. Cyndi was smiling and Dylan could endure giving her a warm hug if it meant that it would keep her at peace. "It's perfect "

Cyndi and Dylan walked back into school, catching the first lunch bell. On Friday's she'd normally had first lunch instead of the second one where she had a free period, but today she felt like running home and escaping whatever reality had planned for her to face today. "I'm still so nervous."

Dylan hooked her arm around Cyndi's, surprising her to where her bright green eyes snapped to attentionand examined her face. She put on a huge grin that wrinkled her eyes and showed the subtle dimples that she bad faintly denting her cheeks. "I bet you're overwhelmed, right now. And maybe you cant stop thinking about the fact that you're about to confess something very important to someone you like very much," Cyndi's covered hand gripped at her forearm, "but I think you'll be okay, I'll be right here if you want me to be." Her voice was softer, as they walked, giving Cyndi a hint if and off tone. Cyndi didn't respond. She did however ball her fist into the pouch of her hoodie, her glasses still inside. She looked over to Dylan, her eyes looking to see how Dylan had shied back into a shell of herself that she hadn't showed before. Cyndi nudged her shoulder and caught her attention.

"Hey, I can be your friend. I mean, if you want me to be." Dylan hadn't noticed that they were no longer walking, her eyes staring back into Cyndi's to try and find something that would indicate a false result in her head.

She found nothing.

Her aura was just like her brothers... warm and welcoming. "I would like that." Cyndi reached over and found Dylan's hand, holding her hand in her own. Dylan's cheeks grew red. "You'll be my support, and I'll be your friend." Dylan laughed, it was funny how closer two people could become over the course of just a small timeframe. "You're only holding onto me so you won't chicken out, and run away, aren't you?"

"Yep. Definitely why I have a death grip on your hand. Plus they're soft." Dylan chuckled hiding her blush away with her curly afro.
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