I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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14. Escaping isn't an option

Cyndi refused to walk into the cafeteria. It was almost as if her feet had been glued to the spot where she stood by the entrance. Dylan tugged on her arm but Cyndi's fear made it seem as if she were stronger than she was while she resisted Dylan's pull.

"Cyndi, you'll have to talk to him at some point. Isn't he dating you now?:

She whipped about to look at her. "Is he? I mean, we never finalized anything—there was no title of girlfriend or boyfriend or... I don't know. I don't know if we're dating—it was just one measly—one insignificant date that meant God knows what—." Dylan's hand clasping her mouth shut cut off Cyndi's rant. The younger girls eyes watering, her body trembling as she stood there deflated.

Dylan's eyes bored into hers and she nodded once. "You're not insignificant. You need to breathe Cyndi. Don't be so afraid of talking to someone who seems to be such an understanding person. Please, try your best to keep calm. And if you need to step outside and talk to him privately, then do that. You don't owe anyone anything especially if it scares you to death. But if you really want to tell him about your situation then tell him and if he cannot see reason, then I'll be your shoulder to cry on." Cyndi sniffled soft as Dylan lowered her hand. She jumped forward and wrapped her arms around her neck. "Thank you so much. You're awesomesauce and I'm happy that I hit you with the door by accident." Dylan didn't shy away from laughing at Cyndi's words.

"You're a riot Cyndi." She pulled back from the hug. "Come on. Let's go before the bell rings." She caught her hand and pulled her into the cafeteria before she could stop her again. Cyndi nearly paled as they walked towards where Rick was since she told Dylan how he looked and well, he didn't exactly blend into the ocean of students. He was like a tropical island surrounded by clear blue waters.

She gulped as they stopped by the table where the four faces of Issac, Max, Jeremy and Rick sat. "Hey Cyn. Who's your friend?" Issac asked.

"I'm Dylan. We met today, long story..."

Issac smiled. "Well, I'm Issac and if I know my best friend, then I know that she already told you about all of us." Cyndi's ducked her head slightly, knowing that he'd assume as much. She rose her head, avoiding Jeremy's gaze as she looked down at Rick. "Can I speak with you? Alone?" Rick nodded as he finished off a sandwich.

"Of course."

Dylan squeezed her hand once before letting it go. "Hey can I join you boys for lunch?"

"Oh, of course." Issac says for the group since the other two teens knew that Rhett were still in the hot seat. Rick and Cyndi walked off, making Jeremy look down at his food as his guilt ate at him.

Cyndi walked in silence and Rick followed along with her, a bit nervous as he tried not to question what she wanted to talk about. She was biting the inside of her mouth, her fingers twiddling, she could hear the drumming of her heart in her throat and struggle to gulp it down. "Cyndi, how far are we gonna walk? We're already outside and there's no one around? How about we stop at that bench?" He suggested as they came across a bench near the court square under the shade of a few trees. She looked towards it and she nodded, half thankful that it was empty enough to have a private conversation with him, but it was far, too far from her friends so she couldn't escape into their safe arms. She pulled her cell out of her hoodie pocket and texted her friends to tell them where she was, i.e. only Issac and told him that he should tell Dylan as well.

She was trying to hide her phone and in the process her feet became a jumbled mess and she misstepped and began falling forward. Rick jumped out and reached out to wrap his arms around her waist before she could become acquainted with the grassy ground...
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