I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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16. Hands were made for high-fives, not threats

The six teens got back to the cafeteria where their things were safely being watched over by the twins friends Carter and Kura who were in the debate club. Everyone sat back, where they were and resumed on like the scene they all were a witness to didn't happen, but that did not take away the loose feeling of dread hanging over their heads. It was as if that moment changed them all... made them all think, maybe a little too hard.

All who had shed tears had washed their faces and readied themselves to come back to reality and have also made it a point to not bring up the topic anymore after it's conclusion.

I couldn't believe what had just happened. The words that were exchanged kept repeating themselves in my head as if they were stuck in a loop, like a broken record... the part that kept sticking was Rick's acceptance of my confession. I couldn't believe it, humans weren't usually that understanding, so I was somewhat ready to give up and give in, if he had gotten upset. He seemed not a least bit fazed by that confession, but what he said was right... it wasn't my fault. I sighed as I continued drinking my apple juice.

Lunch was going by nicely, a conversation between Issac, Dylan, Kura and Mike had erupted about shoes and cameras and it had been the funniest conversation if not the silliest since they were making jokes all around the table. The laughter finally melted away some of my worry and I smiled as I enjoyed the moment with my friends.

If only life was not stuffed full of obstacles and challenges to keep you from living a peaceful life, but being honest here, the movies were right, life is unfair and impossibly unpredictable. Cyndi went from smiling at her friends and the next second she was shivering with a wave of uneasy. She turned around and prayed that her eyes were deceiving her, but no. There came Jenna Martin with her posse and Cyndi wanted to be able to perform a magic trick to make her, her friends and the table all disappear from sight. The sound of Jenna's shoes coming to a stop before their table was not a sound that Cyndi enjoyed hearing, especially not since the last time they interacted. "Hmm, the freak and the geek still buddy, buddy. Gee, what a pitiful couple."

Dylan and Issac glared at the blonde and Rick kept on eating his sweet potato fries. I looked down and grabbed my chocolate milk, ignoring her and praying that she'd go away. She cleared her throat. "What, are you all deaf now?" Rick lifted his arm and dragged it around my shoulders causing me to jerk up as he pulled me close to his side. The twins were quiet too and I didn't know that I missed the memo that we should have all given Jenna the silent treatment... but I followed their actions and ignored her as I paid close attention to the folds of my carton of milk. She folded her arms, her shoe tapping, and tapping as she waited to be paid attention to. Rick leaned in and whispered something in my ear, my spine shivered and my cheeks betrayed me. "Just pretend that nothings there." He touched his lips to my temple and I smiled a little as I sipped at my milk. I rested my head on his shoulder as he pulled out his phone and turned on a game so I could watch. My attention had be diverted away from the crazy girl with a temper issue. She growled and slammed a hand to the table. Everyone snapped towards the noise, seeing their unofficial leader confronting a table of teens who had all taken to ignoring her.

Issac clenched his jaw, and I saw as Mike reached a hand down between them, probably to hold his hand to calm him down. Dylan scoffed and slipped in her earbuds and Jeremy glared up then looked back to his phone. Jenna's blue eyes were wide... we were all minding our own business and not her. A vein in her forehead bulged and her lips curled into a scowl that could be used in a horror flick.

Cyndi bit her bottom lip, Rick's warm hand began to rub at her shoulder to calm her tension. "What the fuck is wrong with you fucking rejects!!?" She screamed. Cameras had come out and now Jenna was making a scene that she and only she was involved in.

The table remained silent and her friend reached out to try to touch her shoulder but she snapped at her and smacked her hand away. "Fucking pay me attention!" She pounded both her fist against the table and everyone jumped but us who sat there doing our best to not acknowledge her presence. Her eyes began to twitch and she straightened her stance in a frightening way that made my blood running cold. It was like her face was darkening with the anger that she had bubbling up inside her. Her hand began to reach for me. "You fucking little—."

"Jenna Martin?" She froze, turning her head before she gasped and dropped her hand. The rest of the student body gasped and turned back to minding their own business as the The Principal Lucy Cain stood there behind Jenna, her height intimidating and her brown eyes hard. "I heard there was an uproar in my cafeteria. You, young lady need to come with me."

Jenna shrieked. "But, but I didn't do..."

"Anything? I think you're better off not speaking." Principal Cain held up her phone to her, the image of her screaming at them and getting on silly playing back before Jenna. She gulped. "My office, now." Jenna bowed her head. "Ms. Moon will escort you and your friends to my office." Her friends opened their mouth to whine but the principals glare silenced them. She turned to look at the students. "Back to eating now, lunch will be over soon enough." Everyone went back to their business without another thought and Cyndi marveled at the power of a true alpha. "I'm so sorry that Ms. Martin got on with you with such vulgarity. I do your she didn't offend you." She nodded.

"Thank you, Mrs. Cain." She smiled at Cyndi, her eyes crinkling softly.

"Not a problem. I do not like bullies either Cyndi. Have a good everyone." They all said the same back and Rick squeezed her softly. Maybe some challenges weren't meant to be fought alone, maybe she had found people who wouldn't allow her to battle her obstacles alone.
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