I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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1. From first sight

Hi, I'm Cyndi Fenton and I'm as shy as a mouse. I guess you could call me invisible since I'm barely even noticed by anyone of importance.

I attend a high school filled with outcast and haters and stuck up girls... but I guess you can call that normal, if you've ever been a high schooler. I never liked interacting much with people, but when you look at it, I barely have any friends. I only have one friend and his name is Issac Titus and he's tall, nerdy and cute.

To me he's the coolest person to be around, well, whenever he's not drooling over any of the footballers that is. He has a dream of dating the co-captain Mike Hearst. I tell him it's never gonna happen but hey, the kid has dreams and as his best friend, I'll support him.

The class was quiet as the teacher wrote down our homework on the board, it was still early in the class period but this teacher just loves giving us work to do at home. I rolled my eyes and mindlessly started chewing on the body of my number 2 pencil. The door was pulled open and I heard as gasps sounded. I looked up uncaring and my eyes widened at the new student I saw entering the class with our schools head mistress. I knew he was new because wow, I've never seen him around before. "Hello class, this is Rick Gene and he's new here, please do your best to make him feel welcomed." She said in a bittersweet tone. I looked away from him and watched the awestricken class with a smile. She handed the teacher a file and left the new kid with us.

He took off the black hood he had on and the entire class gasped.

Holy mother of tattoos and piercings, he was... he was gorgeous. He stood at least 5 ft. 10 and was completely bald, but his head was full of tattoos. His face was tattooed to resemble that of a skeleton and he had a strum piercing and the bridge of his nose was also pierced. I looked down and saw that his hands were covered with them too, and his throat, even inside of his ear lobes. My God, he was beautiful.

I gasped when his eyes caught me looking and it felt like an eternity passed as he watched me, my heartbeat sped up like a jackrabbit behind my ribcage. I became short of breath as I took him in. He was like none other and I was hooked.

What was wrong with me?

He is way too gorgeous to be looking at me like that. I gulped down the lump in throat once I heard Mr. Roberts tell him where he should sit. It didn't register in my head until I saw him coming towards me, and my palms grew sweaty and my breathing got heavy as he neared my seat.

What did he want?

Was he interested, or creeped out? I kept asking myself all these questions and without realizing that he was no longer in sight. I gasped, my eyes searching the classroom for him. A hand rested on my shoulder and made me jump right out of my skin but I somehow managed not to sound a single word of surprise.

I whipped around—and thanked God that my long curls were up in a bun or else I'd've hit him with it. I froze totally, his soft green eyes meeting mine, there was a slight hint of brown in them and that just made me stop thinking altogether. Then he did something that made me melt, he smiled, sheepishly too, and asked for a pen. I heard nothing after the word pen; his voice was a bit hoarse with an accent that my brain couldn't decipher in its current state and he had dimples! He had deep beautiful dimples.

Even though I didn't hear much of what he said I nodded like a mute idiot and handed him my pen. He smiled once more and opened his book to start writing down the work on the board.

I had to force myself to turn back around and then took a deep breath when I figured out that I wasn't breathing. Oh my word, he... he uhh... what even?

For the rest of the class I stayed quiet—not like that wasn't what I usually did, but I was doing it and doing it while trying to ignore the fact that he was sitting less than six inches away from me.

When the bell rung I was out of there and thankful for it, my brain could finally work properly again and then it dawned on me... he had communicated with me. He had spoken to me and I didn't even say a word. I internally facepalmed myself because doing it in the halls was considered crazy and weird by everyone attending Clifford High. I groaned at the embarrassment of it all and walked down the overcrowded halls to my locker. I put in my combination and shoved my books inside once I had it open.

Just as I was about to shut the door a random voice had me jumping ten feet off the ground and I turned to look back at that face and those eyes and his... tattoos.

Come on Cyndi say something normal, say something a normal person would say in this situation. "I like you tattoos." Nailed it.

He chuckled lightly and smiled again, this time bigger. "Thank you. Here's your pen back. You forgot it."

I nodded and smiled like a fool, I bet. "Thank you." I croaked, reaching up to get it. Our hands brushed and I felt a shock flow through me and I swore I almost loss consciousness. I took my pen and slammed my locker shut. I whipped away from him and began hurrying down the hall to my next class. Why am I such a freak? I couldn't even talk to him properly. I was gonna die from this I swear.

I was running down the hall to my second class before the bell caught me, but something had me turning around and when I did I slammed into someone and both me and the person fell over. I scrambled to a seating position and patted the floor trying to find my glasses, I was practically blind without them and I didn't like my contacts too much. "Here." The voice was familiar and I smiled at the face that came to mind. It was fuzzy, but I could see as he came forward and placed the glasses on my face, fixing it to reveal his handsome and friendly face. "Hey Issac."

"Hey Cyn, what's chasing you?"


"You were running like something was chasing you." he said while standing up and stretching a hand down for me. I took it and he helped me to my feet. "Oh, no I was just trying to make it to class before the bell rang." I explained.

"Oh, good. I was just about to call you to see if you were coming or ditching."

"Issac really, we rarely, if ever, ditch class."

"Well, I know how much you despise maths so I was just saying maybe you were skipping." he picked up his bag from the floor. "Anyways come on, before the bell goes." He put his hand at the small of my back and we walked into class together, going to our seat, close to the window, in the third row, two before the last row. I watched as he rested his bag down on the floor but I couldn't get my mind off of Rick Gene. He was like nothing I've ever seen before, I wasn't trying to be a cliché, but he just was. He was unique and I was hooked onto him like a fish to a literal hook. I sighed as I opened my text book to the page the teacher shouted out—but I had messed it up. I acted a fool and freaked and ran off like some crack head who had just gotten caught making an illegal deal. I hated this. My awkwardness will be the death of me. I'm not a butterfly, I'm just a caterpillar hiding in my cocoon waiting to be a brave, confidence, beautiful butterfly, the only problem with that was that I was too afraid to show off my own self, so I'll forever remain inside my little shell, hiding away from the world's judgmental eyes as I cower in solitude.

I sighed and had Issac nudging my shoulder when I did so. "Is something wrong Cyndi?" I ignored him and just shook my head, not feeling up for much talking.

"Everyone, this is our new student Rick Gene." That name had my blood running cold like the water in the taps on an early morning in January. I slowly glanced up and saw the reason for my demise and anxiety that was currently making me more self-conscious than I am normally. A lump formed back in my throat and it made it hard to breath and I thought for a second that they'd rule my death as self-suffocation and panic. Issac nudged me again and this time I looked up at him, ignoring Rick for a few seconds before responding to Issac's worried look. "What's with you today?"

I didn't say a thing, but signaled that I was ok, by forcing a smile onto my lips and nodding to my friend. Why did the world want to see me burn?

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