I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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2. Nervous or just plain socially awkward

After a unlikely lunch period, the day proceeded as normally as it could, and Cyndi's nerves and surprise kept on asking the obvious questions, 'why was Rick so forgiving?' What even happened with Jenna?' And the most shocking one, 'why did he forgive Jeremy so nonchalantly?'

The day ended with little drama and the six friends gathered outside where Cyndi had taken a seat on a bench as they all found their way to her. Rick was the last to meet up since he was asking his teacher about an assignment that he had to do.

Cyndi now knew what it felt like to be shark watching in a cage and have a shiver of sharks surrounding you. No one knew how to break the delicate silence that had encased them where they all looked at one another without speaking. Cyndi's eyes made its rounds around the group of friends and she sighed, she couldn't be scared now, she shoved away at the tightness in her throat and punched back the mumbling thoughts that made it hard for her to organize her mind. "So, today happened." Everyone turned to look at her, she took a deep breath and continued. "I know that a lot went down... but this silence is killing me and I don't know how long this bravery will last so please, talk!" She exhaled as if she had been holding in her breath and Issac had an arm around her waist before she could make out his figure moving closer to support her.

"It's okay. I got you Cyn." He looked up at his friends, "and guys, she's right. So much happened today, and I think we need to talk about it."

There was a chorus of subtle agreement which made Cyndi smile just a little more. "Milkshakes!" She proposed jumping from Issac's grasp and startling her friends. Rick's green eyes widened and he laughed, stepping forward to brush back a curly tendril of hair that had fallen over her forehead. Her cheeks betrayed her as she met his bright gaze. Jeremy looked off to which Mike squeezed his shoulder. "Come on guys I drove, but I can't take everyone." Mike stated.

"I drove too. And yeah, there's too much of us." Rick said.

Dylan threw herself into the circle that they stood in with her hand raised. "I call Rick's car!" Rick, and Issac chuckled. "Sure thing, I parked two rows behind this one." He said as he hooked his arm with Cyndi's right arm and brought her close. Dylan grinned and followed after the pair. Issac turned back to the twins and smiled. "I guess you're stuck with me."

Mike smiled. "Not a bad deal." He reached for Issac's hand then hooked his other arm around his brother's neck. "Don't be so gloom and doom Jer, We're getting milkshakes." Jeremy plastered on a smile that had Mike frowning his brows a little as they walked. He hadn't said it out loud, but Jeremy knew that Mike was worried about him more now than before.


"Your car is awesome Rick!" Dylan noted as she ran her hands over the leather seats and admired the neat and well taken care of interior. "Thank you, my mom bought it for me."

"Your mom is awesome too! This is so freaking cool!." She mumbled to herself as she continued to touch and awe and smile at Rick's car. He didn't get annoyed like others may have, ijsteas he smiled and reminded her to put on her seat belt before he started the car. "Seat belts please." Dylan stopped marveling and gave a nervous chuckle before she did as was told and clicked her seat belt on. Cyndi leaned back in the passenger side seay, her eyes a little heavy. "Urgh, today was so long."

Rick side eyed her and nodded. "It was. Well, at least it's over now."

Dylan groaned. "It never is. Homework is the devils work and all my teachers gave me work to do." The couple cringed and Dylan rolled her eyes. "I'll pray for you." Cyndi said making them laugh.

Rick placed a smirk on his face. "Hmm, with all that homework shouldn't I be driving you home, instead?" Dylan's eyes went wide. "Please, please, don't you even think about it. I need to enjoy today before I'm trapped under my piles of homework." She said with pointing a finger at him, with puppy eyes. Cyndi held back her laughter as Dylan passed pleaded. "You're not getting rid of me that easy Zombie boy." They laughed, leaving the school grounds behind as Mike's and Rick's cars made their way towards downtown.
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