I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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3. I'm an awkward tomato infatuated with tattoos a

3. I'm an awkward tomato infatuated with tattoos and smirks

Issac and I had gotten through a very unexpected lunch period and we were both waiting for when the time comes for Mike and Issac to play it fake and be a couple. That would be pure gold and I couldn't wait to see him be at least a little bit happy to have his crush being his fake boyfriend.

I sighed as I walked, bumping my right hip into a table. "Ouch!" that hurt like two soccer players colliding.

"Shhhh!" I jumped up, juggling the pile of books in my hands that I had been packing away on the shelves... oh, and did I mention that I was in the library helping out the librarian, and no, it was not punishment I just like the library and reading and I was helping out because Mrs. Fanson didn't really trust anybody who didn't read for fun to handle her books. I mouthed a sorry to her and I shook my head as I walked down an aisle away from the trolley of books as I packed away the books on their rightful shelves. I had five more books in hand to pack away before I had to shelf away the rest on the trolley.

I walked down the rest of the aisle packing the books back on the shelves as I went along. The library was never really filled ever, with the exceptions of a few book lovers and when it came time for exams and the kids that didn't study needed to cram in a silent area, but other than that, it was relatively empty. So, when I spotted Rick Gene in the next aisle over while putting back one of the books my heart dropped, along with the book and I froze, my face instantly boiling into redness.

I stood up quickly but only to peek at him in another row that was at level with my eyes. I ducked when he turned around, my heart rate raising and if I didn't know better I'd say that he could hear it beating, but that would be silly. I turned slowly as I looked up at him. I started to slowly move to a kneeling position and I think I died a little inside because my eyes were at level with his... his crotch.

I've never in my whole life been so embarrassed infront of my own self like this ever. I shut my eyes and made my way to move back when a voice came out of nowhere and startled me and I yelped and fell back, all the books I still had falling down around me with one of them hitting me on the head. "Ouch." I groaned silently as I rubbed my head.

"Sorry Cyn." I shook my head at Issac as he bit his lip at me, looking guilty for scaring me. "Cyndi?" that wasn't Issac's voice, I slowly turned my head to see Rick peeking out from the end of the aisle to see me on the floor with all these book scattered around me and my luck just couldn't get any worse, and of course it always did. "Cyndi Shariss Fenton!" Mrs. Fanson scowled. I closed my eyes at the sound of her voice and rested my head against the book shelf. I take it back... this is the worst moment of my life ever.


After the books were all picked up and packed away I took one of my favorites and escaped in a hidden corner of the library to delve into the enjoyment of the mysterious murdering's in 'Deception' by Randy Alcorn.

I hadn't notice the time and got lost as I paged through the book, it was a pleasurable read and I was captivated. I gasped when the main character Oliver said something that hinted at who the killer might be. Gosh, this book was good. Praise Randy Alcorn for his gifted mind and his loveable main character.

It may sound crazy but whenever I get into a book, I get so into it that I don't even notice anything around me. It could be world war seventy-five outside, but in here, in my mind, I would never know because I was lost in the well written world of a murder mystery and I don't think I wanted to leave.

I was so zoned out that I was deaf to everything around me so when someone nudged my shoulder it was obvious that I almost shat bricks because no one is supposed to shake a reader out of the zone without taking cautionary precautions because it could end up in the momentary stopping of said reader's heart and or bodily functions.

My heart was racing against me and I think I lost the race because I fell out of my chair and my book which I threw up when I got surprised began dancing on air then fell and hit me on the head, then fell into my lap. I laid on my back, arms sprawled out and my eyes staring up at the ceiling. The voice that was talking was only an unintelligible muttering to my ears and I knew exactly who it was because he was standing over me and he looked so worried but I wasn't focused on that because I was on the verge of tears. He stretched out a hand to me and the tears fell down, making me shiver and shake as I covered my face in mortification. Of all the ridiculous things that could happen to me why did this have to be one of them and infront of him as well.

"Hey, are you okay? You took a really bad fall." his voice was so sweet and it sounded shaky. "Hey, come on Cyndi, here, let me help you up." I didn't move my hands, but they were moving and then I was looking up into those gentle green eyes and my tears seemed to subside because I didn't feel the warm liquid falling from my eyes anymore. "Are you okay?" he asked. I didn't answer and he didn't mind, he held my hands and pulled me up to a sitting position. I sniffled and sadly couldn't stop myself from blushing because he was literally right infront of me looking like a sad puppy and I knew why he was making that face and the blushing got worse. "Are you okay?" he asked again and I nodded. He smiled a little and brought his hand up to brush away tears from my hot cheek.

My insides blossomed and I felt the joy in his smile. "You have dimples?" I noted as I saw them when he chuckled.

"Yeah, I do. You don't have dimples." I turned away and held my cheek.

"Yeah, sadly." I whisper besides my current state.

"You're still beautiful though." My eyes shot up to his and he held me there. That was the first time that a guy, other than my father or Issac ever said that to me. I smiled shyly and he smiled back. My heart was heavy with happiness and I couldn't be more content with how this situation turned out, ignoring my new headache of course.


Rick and I actually—no lie, ended up talking about books! Like no lie, he liked to read.

Oh my holy literature!

I could not believe that he liked books, let alone reading them. I found out that he liked gore and horror and well, I could tell by, the way his tattoos made him look like something that kids would have nightmares about. So yeah, maybe I wasn't a fan of horror but I was still a booklover and so was he. I was so intrigued with his love of reading that when my mind finally floated back to me, I realized that he was talking to me and that his accent sounded French, but with a slur to it. "Where are you from?" I blurted out. I slapped my hands over my mouth so fast and scowled myself in my head. "It's okay to ask. I'm from Chateauguay Quebec, Canada, but I was born in Montréal and lived there for a few years, where we speak French."

"That's so awesomesauce!" I exclaim.

He raised a brow at me and I shrink at my uncontrollable mouth. "Awesomesauce?" his repetition of the word sounded so funny and I giggle at him and looked down. "Is that how you say it?" he chuckles. "Why are you blushing?" oh my God, he knows. I internally scowl my cheeks and turn back to chuckle nervously at him.

"I'm—I'm not blushing, I'm just... umm, heh." Oh, I'm a fool.

"It's okay. You look cute like that." Okay, wait what! Hold the smexy accent up, what?! I think I might faint. I—. The bell interrupted me just as I was having a mini freak out session in my head and I kinda maybe said a silent thank you in my head. I flew up from the chair with lightning speed. "Umm, well that's the bell so I think I should get going—I mean I have to get to class and so do you and then we have another class and then we go home and then we come back next day an—."

"Cyndi! Breath, it's just the bell." He stood up too and swung his bag over his shoulder. I just nodded like I didn't know words and allowed him to walk first so that I could shamefully follow after him. I shook my head as we walked outside the library and into the sea of students all bustling to get to their classes. Why does he even waste his time with me, I'm so weird and jumpy... and he's odd and cool.

"So what do you have next?" he asked glancing at me.

I blinked at him... um, what did I have next? It was like asking me if God created the world or not... "Umm, Chem?" I guessed, because that was literally the first thing that popped into my head while I tried to think of school and not his dimples when he smiled.

He nodded at me. "Me too." The edge of his mouth tipped up in a small smile and I couldn't help but blush, gosh it's like my cheeks were just working on their own frequency. Oh, where was my tall charming brit when I needed him?

"Oh, look the geek and the freak!" my blood froze as I heard her voice. We stopped walking and I looked up slowly to see her. Jenna Martin, miss popular and spoilt, she thinks that she owns this school because her parents give a lot of money to the school boards, but then again she was never proven wrong, so I guess she did own this school... in her eyes anyways.

"Sorry, but we'd like to get to our class please." My eyes snapped to Rick. Please don't.

"Excuse me freak, what did you just say?" she asked with a challenge in her eyes.

"I said that we need to get to our class, so move." He repeated. Rick was like what 5'10... because I was 5'7 and Jenna was 5'8 and I was kind of thankful for his height because then I could cower behind him.

"Okay freak, since you're new here, let me tell you what you need to know. You," she said pointing at him, "are a low-graded Goth and I am way better than you, so if you want a decent school life here, you better watch your mouth with me, okay?" the kids 'ohh-ed' around us.

He thought for a second and I resisted the urge to faint or run track to get away from this public humiliation because the whole school now had their eyes on us. "Okay." He said she smiled and walked up to him, he swiftly moved to a side and I caught a quick glimpse of him smirking. I saw as his eyes went dark and I even moved back a few. He chuckled lowly. "But, I don't give a fuck about you and if you ever threaten me or my friend again, I will be your worst nightmare, okay." Everyone gasped at him and I did too, that was a scary threat to make and even Jenna seemed frightened by how her brows frowned in a worry.

I didn't have time to even think of what he could have possibly meant, before he grasped my hand and pulled me off towards our Chem class.

Throughout the whole class I stayed quiet and sat silently next to him because he didn't seem in the mood for talking, but then again the whole class was also keeping their distance and well, could I blame them? He was a mystery... why did he have all those tattoos? It was still unknown to me and everyone else in here and that threat he made left me guessing. Why had he transferred schools? Why was he so shut off at times? Why did his eyes look soulless and obscure when he threatened Jenna? And the most puzzling of all, why did he find interest in me?
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