I'm in love with Zombie Boy

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7. Preparing for war... or is it just a date?

Sitting in a moving car with two popular and attractive twins was not on my list of exciting things to do... ever! I mean oh my goodness! Mike and Jeremy Hearst were in my best friend's car and they were... They were gonna help me with my date, my very first date if you please. Oh, this was mega beyond the norm crazy out of this world and I was an alien. An alien to this and to them and to life oh God, I'm dying aren't I? Good things like this only happen when someone's dying, right? Right!?

Oh lordy good gody was I in a weird outlandish other world, because life doesn't work like this—it's not supposed to work like this. It shouldn't work like this. Oh my Jesus lord on high, it can't go like this!

I jumped when something touched my leg. I looked over to see that it was only Issac's hand and then I gestured at him in question. "Stop freaking the frack out in your head. Gosh Cyndi, you were so far gone that you didn't even hear when I was calling you." he was calling me?

"You were calling me?"

He looked at me like he was confused. "Yes, I called you, you nutty squirrel."

"Sorry, my brain took my attention captive again. I was in a trance state and you have freed me once more. Thank you Sir Issac." we chuckled at our own little nonsensical fun and I heard one of the twins clear his throat from behind us.

"Aww, so adorkable. You two are the cutest."

Mike jabbed his twin in the side. "Quit taunting them Jer, they're best friends, remember when we used to speak in code." Mike asked him.

"Duhh of course, who said we ever stopped. We still do." The twins laughed and oh, if that wasn't the sweetest little moment then I don't know what is.

Jeremy smirked. "Hey, I'm sorry Cyndi and you too Issac, didn't mean to be a rude ass. It just comes naturally." Yeah like your good looks. I thought as I smiled to myself. "Why thank you Cyndi." I inhaled sharply, my cheeks turning bright pink.

"I—I didn't say anything." I lied.

"Umm, yeah you did, you were speaking out loud." Mike started.

"And thanks, I didn't know that I was so good looking." Jeremy smartassed. "Ok, I think his cockiness levels just rose above average, someone call ego control stat!" Issac and Mike began to laugh and Jeremy blushed and folded his arms.

Mike wiped his eyes and leaned forward. "So, since we canceled our date Issac, you're gonna have to make it up to me." Mike said from the back. I side glanced at Issac and he was blushing red like a fire truck. "Uhh yeah... what were we gonna do anyways?" he asked as he continued to stare straight ahead of him. I chuckled and sat back and let the fun begin.

"I was thinking of a movie date or something more fun." I smiled at him, Gosh, Mike was a tease. Thank God Rick wasn't completely like him.

"How... much more fun?" he asked, and I could see him gulp in nervousness. This was humiliation gold and I was actually happy that the attention wasn't all on me. "So where would you bring my brother on a date huh, Issac?" Jeremy teased. I couldn't help the laughter that erupted from my mouth as we all laughed at him, his face turning hotter as he drove.

Issac was so put on the spot and it was hilarious. Finally the laughter that was all on him.


I was about ready to explode with all this abnormal madness. I had two amazingly handsome twins in my living room and a very hyped up best friend, who were all here just to help me prepare for a date. A date which would be my very first date in the history of first dates ever.

Am I scared?


Am I nervous?


Am I ready?

Hell flipping no!

"Okay Cyndi, don't panic. It's just a date, not rocket science. It's easy." Jeremy said sweetly.

"No, rocket science is easy. Dating is a whole other world of complicated." I said with a panic to my voice.

Both Mike and Jeremy glanced at Issac. "Don't look at me, she's a nerd, and geek fusion, so she has brains galore, just not for dating." Issac said matter-of-factly.

The twins looked back at me. "Hey, look Cyndi, it's only the first date, it's not the end of the world... and no, you cannot and will not prove to me that it is. Rick might just take you to see a horror film or whatever, so don't panic, okay." I nodded at Jeremy's sweet encouraging speech and sat back in my chair.

"Cyndi honey—" I whipped around to see my mom frozen in the entry way of the living room with her eyes glued to the twins.

"Yes mom."

She shook her as if she were in a trance and then smiled at me. "Umm, I just wanted to tell you that your father and I aren't going to be home for three days because of the business trip we discussed, but it seems as though you won't be alone. These two handsome young men are apparently keeping you and Issac busy."

"Mom please, it's not like that, they're just helping me with a... a date, uhh they don't—I mean I'm not, they're not. Umm, please just go mom." I asked as I dropped my head in pure shame. This day was so not normal. I miss normal. I want it back.

"A date! Oh really, with whom? Should we stay to meet him... or her?" she said with her arms folded and a smirk on her lips. I rolled my eyes at her and shook my head.

"Mom please, can you not embarrass me infront of..." I glanced at the brothers and my best friend and sighed. "... my friends? Mom please go... go have fun with dad, I'll be alright." I gave her a small smile so that I could assure her that I didn't need a parental supervisor.

She smiled and I shook my head, why me? "Okay sweetheart, we'll be back by Tuesday, do your homework and don't eat too much junk. We'll call you when we land and I expect an update from you everyday. Kian will be home tomorrow from his trip, okay." I nodded

"Okay mom."

"Good, I love you."

"I love you too." she kissed my forehead then got her and my father's bags and her keys from the hooks by the front door. "I need to pick up your father from work. Bye Cyndi, bye Issac and, you two," she gestured at the twins, "behave." they smiled nervously and she snickered as she left us alone.

Issac turned to the boys after my mom left. "Okay, so boys, that was momma Fenton and as you can see, she's a cool and protective mom, and she's also a real estate agent married to a powerful lawyer, so beware of that."

I smacked his arm and he hissed and walked away from me. "Okay, so Cyndi we need to get down to business. Do you know what you're gonna wear?" Issac asked.

"There's a dress code? Wait, no one said I had to be dressed a certain way?"

"Cyn, it's not a requirement, but you do want to look nice at least, right?"

"What if I just don't?" all three of the boys glared at me and I looked at them innocently.

"No, hell no, heck no, freak no, please—OMG Cyndi this is your first day, please just no." Issac said.

I took a moment to think then exhaled heavily. "Okay... so what now?"


I pushed open my room and allowed the twins and Issac to come inside. "Wow, you must really love TV shows and punk bands." Mike noted.

"They're punk rock bands." Issac and I said in unison.

Jeremy turned to me and smiled, "Do you two normally do that?"

I blushed and shrugged and Issac answered. "Not as often as you two." Jeremy chuckled and walked up to my bed and sat his butt down on my black MCR comforter. "So, do you even know what kind of date it is?" Jeremy asked as he kept looking around my room.

I shook my head. "Was I supposed to?"

"Not necessarily Cyn, do you mind if I call you that?"

I shrugged. "Everyone does."

"Good, cause I like that nickname. Anyways, why don't you just call him... you did get his number, right?" he asked. Wow, I thought I was a fast speaker but this guy wins the pumpkin pie.

"Really? I have been told that I speak fast, but pumpkin pie?" I froze at the mocked words of Jeremy and looked up at him, I did not realize that I said that out loud at all.

"Umm, yeah, and pumpkin pie is so much better than cake."

Twin smiled and I tried to hide my blush. Jeremy stood and walked up to me, "So frantic one, what are you waiting for?"

"Huh?" I asked as if I didn't know a thing that he was talking about, because I seriously didn't.

"The call, you need to call him and ask him what kind of date you're going on." I gazed wide eyed at Jeremy, he had slowed his speech, pacing himself for me. I gulped, trying to choke down the large lump in my throat as I hesitantly reached for my cell. I unlocked the phone, my hands shaking as I scrolled down my contact list for his number. "Umm... can I have some privacy, please?" I rasped, my throat was dry and I could feel a nervous sweat prickling at the nape of my neck. The twins folded their arms at me, and so did Isaac. "Traitor!" I hissed. "Please go."

Issac sighed. "Come on Cyn, what do you have to be afraid of?"

Easy for him the say, he's used to this thing, but for me there was stage freight, (no comment) embarrassment, humiliation, yes it's the same thing, but yes I'm using it as a word to explain my dilemma! Oh my freaking goshness! I'm in way too over my head and I'm drowning, someone save me from boys and tuck me in where the world makes sense again.

I tapped Rick's name on my cell which I saw had two skull emoji's at the end of it, and I assume that this was his doing and that it was his way of making a joke. Cute, no really it was cute. I swallowed my fear and almost choked, so I coughed it back up and held the cell to my ear.

"Put it on speaker." Mike whispers and I paled. "No!" I mouthed in shock.

"Do it." he mouthed back demandingly, gosh, I never knew a man's mouthed words could be so tough. I sighed and rolled my eyes as I tapped the speaker icon.

'Hello?' his voice was so deep and husky and I felt light-headed.


'Cyndi? Yes.'

'Uhh...' I looked at the boys and they signaled with their hands that I should just talk and I nodded like a bobble head. 'Umm, I, I was just calling... to say that. To really, umm to ask that—about where you were planning on taking me.' Very subtle Cyndi, bravo, you just managed to mess up a perfectly good phone call.

There was a soft sound of laughter on the other end of the phone and I felt my neck and cheeks burning red from it. He was laughing at me? 'You're so cute when you stutter. Are you really that nervous?' I heard snickering and looked over to see the twins and Issac covering their mouths.

'Oh ummm, ha ha. Uh no, I was just... I uh, well.' I scratched the back of my head. 'So where are we going?'

There was a semi-long pause and I waited impatiently going mental in my head for his reply. 'It's a surprise, so wear something... comfortable. Thank you for confirming, by the way.' His voice took a slightly devious tone to which I hope the boys hadn't heard and then he chuckled. 'I'll come over around 7:30, is that okay with you?'

'Y—yeah, it is.'

'Great, and your address is correct, yes?'

'Yes... yes it is. T—thank you, bye.' I said sounding like an aimless child.

'Bye Cyndi.' Oh my gosh, his voice even sounded good over the phone when he said goodbye and my stomach started to flutter with joy as I listen to the call cut off. I sighed in both relief and happiness and shoved my phone back into my pocket. I needed to breathe!

"Cyn, you okay honey?" I shook my head and within that second Issac came and hugged his arms around me. "Shh, it's gonna be okay honey breathe, in and out, in and out. Good little nerdling." I glared up at him and he smiled clumsily as he kissed my forehead.

"Okay, so enough with the 'panic party' let's get this little girly here ready for her date." Jeremy said in glee as he sat back on my bed.


I was borderline done, D.O.N.E with this dating thing and it hadn't even started yet! I sighed and walked out of my closet to show them my fifth outfit which was a dark green skinny and a dark purple high low button down top.

Mike was the first to react. "Oh no, no, it's cute and all but no, Cyn." Issac shook his head.

"I think this one is cuter than the previous nightmare." I gasped, then glared at him and he smiled back at me.

"Yeah, I agree it's better than the last one." Mike says as he gets up to examine me more closely.

"Hold on." Issac says, calling the attention of both twins. "She's cute and all, but guys this is her very first date and I don't think I like this outfit." I sighed at him and walked back into the closet with Issac trailing after me.

He smiled at me once he had ripped the purple and green nightmare off of me and stuffed me into another outfit. He moved back and smiled. Issac spun on his heels and then walked out of the closet and announced me for the boys, it took all my strength not to roll my eyes and just quit while I was behind.

I exited the closet and boys jaws dropped to the ground like they had weights in them. I blushed hard and brushed my hair behind my ear. "Wow." they said in unison.
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