Of Blood & Consequence (Book 2 of The Blood Bond Series)

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Most would think that the change to vampire from human was the biggest problem 20-something Delia Parker would have to face. Most would think that becoming acclimated to her new life and controlling her thirst for blood would be the hardest thing she'd ever have to do. That is until she becomes aware of her mate's past. Michael Jensen left Sicily to start a new life--one that his parents think is beneath him. They would do anything to have him back and working for them, supplying his new mate with all the things she never had growing up. With his old life comes danger that he's not willing to put Delia through, but things seem to unravel around him. Can he escape his past and keep Delia safe knowing everything he's done can come back to bite him in the ass someday?

Romance / Fantasy
R.K. Knightly
Age Rating:


Delia’s a newborn vampire dealing with all the hazards that come from being freshly turned--uncontrollable bloodlust being the most daunting.

Living with Michael Jensen as her mate should have been as easy as breathing. After all, they were made for each other. While they both dedicated to making it last, not everyone is as easily swayed into just letting them live their simple life.

Michael’s parents have been trying to reach out to their estranged son, and they don’t do so with hearts and flowers and promises of a happily-ever-after.

Delia’s home life wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows either, but at least she had her grandmother as her tether to the earth. She never knew her father, and her absentee mother was more interested in a man’s pocketbook than his love.

Between the two, dysfunctional family life is par for the course...but things are about to get even stranger and even more deadly.

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