Into the City

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Ashlanna loved the country. She would walk the streets with friends, laugh, love. She had a High School love, that completely ignored her after taking her virginity at the age of 17. She hasn't seen him in a while, with her being 23 now and all, but she works for a small corporate business that pays well. She exceeds beyond what the contractors thought she would, and the boss takes interest in her, scheduling a meeting with her face-to-face. Everything from there turns into a rollercoaster ride of emotions and issues.

Romance / Drama
Selinda Floss
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Chapter 1

I walk into my small apartment, and announce my arrival. "Hey, Stace! I'm home! I brought Chinese!" I don't get a response, but I hear a crash. I drop my bags on the counter and rush to the back of the small beige-colored hall, where Stacy's room is. Stacy is my best friend, and has been since high school. We even are going to college together and work in the same business.

As I approach Stacy's bedroom, I hesitate to move forward as I realize what the sound was.

"Oh! Darren.. aahh, don't stop, please don't stop!"

"Fuck, I wont, baby... shit you're so tight!"

I slowly back away, and go into the kitchen. I can still hear the moaning, but not quite as bad. I begin to unpack the food; I take out a plate and place some sweet 'n sour chicken, an egg roll, some sweet 'n sour sauce, and some lo mein noodles on my plate. I decide against the broccoli, as I just don't feel like eating them right now, and go to the living room. I sit on the couch, completely defeated with the situation at work, and turn on the television. I turn the volume up, hoping to drown out the moaning and shrieks from the bedroom down the hall. I go ahead and eat while waiting for them to finish their shenanigans.

About twenty minutes later, they both walk out, fully dressed. "I thought I heard the tv! How was work?" Stacy inquires.

"Busy." I reply flatly.

"Ouch." Darren said. "Some guy picking on you again? I will beat their asses if I have to. I've done it before, I'll do it again!" Darren is built like a brick shit house, and could take anyone out easily. The most exercise I get is when I walk around at work to take papers to file or something similar needs done at home. I prefer to snuggle up with some books, but I'm always working anymore. Life just isn't high school, I guess. Darren has bright eyes but dark hair. He is attractive, I'll give him that. Us three have been a gang since freshman year of high school. We never split up, and Stacy ended up dating him senior year. They are a cute couple, I'll admit. But the end of my junior year, there was this huge party for juniors and seniors. I grew up in the country, so I don't party much and was iffy about this one, but Stacy dragged me along claiming I needed to get out more. Of course, she was right. I was the dork of the school. Most people only called on me when they needed help on assignments or something.

I had this huge crush on Joshua Holt, though. He was the most popular guy in school. He was intelligent, but played it off that he wasn't. He got terrible grades intentionally, but ended up getting a full scholarship to some university in Utah. I ended up being his tutor, and helped him on a lot, which helped me develop a crush on him further. The guy was much more than met the eye, much more than he would ever let on. So that night, of course, he ended up being there. He saw me and we talked for quite some time. Once the party really got going, many people ended up drunk. Joshua never drank any alcohol that night, unlike his 'friends' who did more than just drink. Joshua suggested we found a better place to talk. I agreed and we went upstairs to one of the bedrooms. He was a senior at the time. We stayed in there and talked for a long time.... that night he-

"Earth to Ashlanna. Hellooo??" Stacy breaks me out of my trance. "I asked when you got here?"

"Oh, about a half an hour ago." Her face turned into a tomato.

"Did... did you hear anything?"

"Did I hear anything?!" I laughed out loud. "Oh, hun, I heard everything!! You two are two peas in a pod in bed, clearly." I snort. Darren gives me a look that says, 'no, no, no. Don't say that.' Which, of course, only makes me double over in laughter. Then he started laughing. She walks over to the freezer, puts her hand in the ice box, and pulls out a hand full of ice. She closes the door with her foot and starts throwing ice at us. We laugh harder. If looks could kill, we'd both be dead right now.

"Don't take it so personally honey. She knows we love each other." Darren pulls her in sweetly.

"She didn't have to hear us...." she mumbles.

"It's okay. It's not like she walked in on us." He kisses her. I look away and focus my concentration on the news. Darren's voice pulls me back out of my trance with the tv. "So, Ash, is it guys picking on you again? I will do what I gotta do for you, without hesitation."

I giggle a little. "No, it isn't that. The big guy at headquarters requested a face-to-face meeting with me." I shrug and look at them. They both stop what they are doing and look at me, their jaws on the floor.

"What?!!" Stacy squeals.

"Why? Why does the big guy want to see you? He never shows his face... anywhere." I can tell Darren is angry. There's this rumor going around that the boss has slept with most of the girls in this area. Stace and I got lucky to be able to work with headquarters, but it's in New York. The city. And I hate it.

"I dunno. Apparently, he wants to talk to me about my improvement with work, or something. I'm not worried about it. And don't worry Darren, I'll bring my pepper spray." I give him a reassuring smile.

"Well, if he does something to you, there no guarantees that I won't be the reason y'all lose your jobs." Stace and I laugh. He's been super protective over me, ever since what happened a few years back. I don't blame him honestly. I go shower and just head off to bed. I try not to think about anything, but here I am... thinking about that night. I snuggle into my comforter, I can hear the tv going in the living room, so Stacy and Darren are probably watching a movie. They asked if I wanted to join them, I declined saying I was tired, but truth is I need time alone to think. I close my eyes, and the memory comes back to me like there is no tomorrow.

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