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leejae and jimin lived in soul but jimin's dance tacher Sana tried to get dirty with jimin so leejae beat the crap out of her and so leejae lost her job and the lanlord kicked them out there house now they moved to busan jimin's hometown they live with jimin's parents til they can get a house or a apartments but she had belived he was up to something

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as she lay in the bed she feel a hand touch her hip and she wondering if she knows the person it came to her head oh sheś married park jimin the love of her life now she gets up rubbing her head and eyes with both hand and her hair is a mess with just a shirt on with no socks.

and when she put her feet on the floor its cold so she lays back down and park jimin said no get back up and take a shower now i’l be there in a second.

so she got back up and smiled as soon as she took her cloths off and turned on the shower he came in and said i’m here in a deep happy voice so he got in they played in shower throwing soap.

when she drop the soap she bent down he looked at that ass then said get up don’t worry bout the soap as SOON as she got up and turned around jimin kissed her and then she kissed em back what nice love they been married for some time a lot of people ask how long but they just don’t answer but they love each other so much.

its been a hard time for them they parents don’t like them being together but they don’t care so now back to what they moved to Korea soul and they bought a big white house when they got married to skip through the detail he wanted kids but she said “wait till we like stay together for a long time”.

he agreed then its been a while he’s been waiting he to shy to say and she been waiting for him to ask she just didn’t want to be in pain all day craving for ice cream and wings mhh good but she wanted jimin to be happy.




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