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Chapter 2


“The address Catherine”, Sanchez asked turning to look at a retreating Catherine, reaching his hand out he stopped.

“Get your hands off me”, Catherine uttered stepping away from him. Looking at Zander who step forth writing down the specific address on the paper before handing it to Sanchez.

“Am sorry. I never meant to hurt you”, Sanchez shouted to Catherine who was already walking out the door, Zander right behind her as her chauffeur held the car door open for her.

What’s done is done were her last words before she got in her car and was driven home. Standing in steaming shower she let the water wash away her wariness. She sloped down to have dinner which was served by Niander, who was done and walking away but Catherine stopped her.

“Do you think am that horrible?

The maid turned around, “Why do you say that?

Why do I always end up a lone? “My parents, Sanchez and Jason”.

“What happened to your parents was a tragedy. And about those two they were never worthy of your love but that doesn’t mean you are meant to be lone. You will surely find someone. I believe Sanchez and Jason were just stumbling block that were supposed to lead to the one and I have a feeling that he is going to show up very soon. Just hang in their”.

“Thank you Niander, Catherine said hugging the old lady. Pulling away she took her seat again. Take next week off, starting from tomorrow. Send my regards to Mia and boys”.

“Thank you child”.

“Hey you”,

“Hello Melanie”, Catherine greeted her best friend with hug.

“Okay now tell me why you stood us up yesterday. Besides what the hell were you doing?

“I had to deal with some work issues, sorry. But no worries lunch is on me and we have the whole evening”.

“Great cause Charlotte just texted me, she is on her way”.

“How are the little ones doing? Catherine asked sipping on her mango juice

“Growing little monster, swear those kids are going to give me a heart attack one of these days with the running up and down I do”.

“It was you that chose to be a full time mum remember”, Catherine said with a knowing smirk

“I know and I love them to heaven but I also miss work”.

“Then talk to Nathan tell him you want to work again. Am sure you guys can get help and that doesn’t make you a bad mother”.

“Thank you Catherine and here comes the world’s most tardy woman”, Melanie teased as Charlotte joined them hugging each of them.

“Hey did you know Sandra and Jason are back from their honeymoon”.

“Wow jumping right in to it Melanie exclaimed. I guess that explains why you called”, they both turned to look at Catherine.

“She invited me to her parents’ anniversary and I don’t know if I want to be there”.

“Me too I just received the invitation this morning”, Charlotte cut in. As Catherine looked out to the street lost in her thoughts.

“Am sorry Catherine”, Melanie said holding her hand.

“It’s okay. When Sanchez betrayed me Jason was there for me. He was everything, he comforted me, took care of me only for him to go around my back and get engage to one of my friends”.

“It’s okay Catherine you deserve better than those two cheating bastards. Charlotte said. How the hell did she even become our friend?

“Her father is my business partner remember”. Catherine said with a sad smile.

“Speak of the devil”, Melanie said looking at the door where Sandra had walked through with her assistant.

“OMG I can’t believe you are all here. I just came to grab a coffee but since you are here, Melanie here is you invitation. Charlotte ever a beautiful, oh and before I forget I was talking to a L’Oreal executive the other day and they were looking for model for their new product. I told them I know the right person for the job. So do call me and I will set up a meeting”. Sandra said deliberately ignoring Catherine. She loathed the moach skinned French woman. Her father couldn’t stop praising her and it became her mission to take whatever was hers.

“Oh and by the Catherine daddy can’t wait to see”. She said without as much as kind greeting.

“Sandra”, Catherine answered in greeting just as her assistant showed up with their drinks.

“Let’s go Sam. Oh and before I forget, Jason sends his regards”. She finished with a smirk and walking off.

“Why can’t we just unfriend”, Melanie asked

“Because am partners with her father and besides she is kind of useful. Charlotte do take the meeting its good for your career”, Catherine answered in a defeated tone.

“So I guess we are attending the party”.

“Yes we might as well go dress shopping”, Catherine said trying to sound cheery.

Saturday evening Catherine sat in front of her large vanity mirror as a hairstylist finished pining her hair before she added the hair accessories. And hour later the beauty squad left. A dawning her goddess cut red chiffon dress that left little to the imagination with a thigh high slit and open back. She put on her studded sandals lastly before standing in front of her ceiling high mirror. Grabbing her clutch and car keys she walked to her garage.

“He will surely know what he missed”, Catherine uttered fastening her seat belt before she drove off her hundred acre property. Heading for the city. Her car stopped in front of the hotel. Stepping out she turned heads, her heels hitting the pavement.

The valet stood before her mouth agape. She walked off throwing the keys behind her just as the boy recovered and grabbed them before they hit the ground. She walked through the lobby exuding confidence but on the inside she was quaking, she didn’t want him to think that she was still hang up over him. Taking deep breaths she walked through the doors, searching the crowd for the friends. Spotting them at one of the tables in the front.

“Catherine you came. Balls honey balls”, Charlotte said hugging her as some of the guests looked at them in question of their behavior.

“Language Charlotte Melanie said hugging Catherine too. Are you okay dear?

“Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes, I think you know the answer to that”, Catherine answered just as the MC announced the entrances of the Bennetts. Simon and his wife stepped into the room followed by their newly wed daughter Sandra Bennett smith. Jason had his arm at the small of her back as they walked in greeting some of their guests. The moment her eyes met those of Jason, her confidence cracked hurt shooting through her. Discretely she rushed out of the hall.

Taking deep breaths she dried the tears that fell down her cheeks. She took a minute to put herself together, reapplying her make up before walking out of the ladies room. Unable to get her legs to walk she stopped, leaning against the hallway wall Catherine tried to collect her courage. If only she had someone to walk in with her. As she was still talking to herself the men’s room door opened and out walked the person she decided was going to play the part her boyfriend for the next two hours. Blocking his way with her body she noted his cheap suit but as her eyes traveled up his body she couldn’t help admire his well-defined body and his handsome face.

Looking up from wiping his suit jacket Ryan’s eyes locked with the most beautiful brown eyes he had ever see. The clearest blue eyes looked down at her, automatically hypnotizing her.

Ryan couldn’t believe his eyes standing before him was the woman every man dreamt of. The memory of her stepping out of her luxury car looking like the goddess she was flashed through his mind. He had been so taken that his manager had snapped him out of his daze telling him that she was out of his league. He told him to concentrate on putting an awesome performance. Feeling jilted they had walked back stage to get ready for his performance only for a waiter to clumsily spill a drink on his jacket. Now here he was standing before the one woman who had invaded his thoughts for the past thirty minutes. As much as he had tried to forget her, the image of her was imprinted in his mind from her brown long legs to her pretty lips that had him licking his own. Her hair pined up with a diamond studded vine like comb accessory, her curves had every man taking a second take of her beauty from her full breast to those hips that had thinking of sinful things.

“Can I help? His smooth voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

Clearing her throat. “How would like to make five thousand dollars for the next three hours”.

“Am sorry I haven’t.......”

“Ten thousand”.

“But I....”

“Fifty thousand”.

“I know you......”

“Two hundred thousand”, she continued.

He couldn’t believe it. Unable to refuse the insane amount he said what came to him first. “Deal”.

She was going to make another offer when she realized he had accepted. “So you will help me”.

“Yes, but what do I have.......” He asking but before he could finish his sentence she dragged him to the elevator as a hotel staff quickly handed her a key card. They rode the elevator to the presidential suite. Swiping the key Catherine stepped into the room feeling the stranger behind.

She turned to face him appreciating his height and physic. He was extremely handsome, pink lips she just wanted to tastes but her thoughts were cut short when she felt a dizzy spell hit her strong.

Ryan rushed to her securing his arms around her before she hit the floor. Pulling her flush against him. Her soft chest pressed against his, stirring up his groins. Willing his awakening member back to sleep, he scooped her in his arms carrying to the bed. Setting her on it he straightened only to come face to face with the beauty, her ruby red lips inches away from his. It took everything in him not to capture her lips. Standing to his six four height he scratched the back of his neck embarrassed at his thoughts but not repentant. She was a beautiful woman and he was only human.

“Uh.... so what do I have to do?

Rubbing her tempo Catherine willed her raving heart to calm down. She couldn’t help remember those delicable pink lips hovering ever so close to hers it took everything in her not to throw her arms around his neck and pull him to her. He was truly a handsome man from his strong biceps that held her securely earlier to his well-defined chest that flexed delicious against his cheap shirt. It took everything in her not to jump his bones. It had been two years since she was with anyone and the fact that she was only intimate with two people in her thirty seven years of life, made her a little frustrated.

Sanchez took her Vcard promising her heaven only for her to learn that he was using her to catch a criminal. Heartbroken Jason mended her heart, all sweet and supporting. Proclaiming heaven and earth to her only to get engaged to one of her friends. She clearly remembered the day she had called him, not once but numerous times, they were supposed to head out to her friend’s birthday party. Only he refused telling her that he would find her there. Imagine the shock on her face when hours later her friend walked in hand in hand with Jason only to make an announcement that they were engaged turning Melanie’s party into engagement and birthday party. She clearly remembered the hurt she felt when Sandra and Jason locked lips on the stage leaving her totally humiliated and some of the guest that knew about their relationship shocked.

It felt like someone just ran her through with a kitchen knife. Composing herself she snapped out of her memory. She eyed the sexy specimen before. “Can you please hand me my purse it by door”. Retrieving it he handed it to her, she took out her phone walking to the window she talked with her PA,

“Zander I need you to get me a tux and bring it to the seasons under thirty minutes. Can you do that?

“Under which designer ma’am?

“Zander I really don’t care just get me that suit”, Catherine finished turning to look at the baby faced man before her. He had three buttons of his shirt undone his chest peeking out at her. He was typing away on his phone biting his lower lip in concentration. She desperately wanted to run her tongue over the lip he was bruising. She found herself drifting towards himself standing right in front of him, desperately contemplating straddling him and having at test of him,

Feeling her fragrance and presence surround him he sent his manager the text before placing his phone on the table and understanding up crowding her space. Her eyes were focused on his lips and he couldn’t help but be drawn to close the gap between them, only she interrupted the moment with a question.

“How old are you? Catherine asked. She didn’t want to land in another problem just to avoid one. From the looks of the hottie before her she was sure he was younger than her thirty seven.

“Am twenty six”, he said so smoothly his arms going around her waist holding her ever so gently.

She pulled back startled, not believing that she was about to make out with a child. Pulling away she walked to the window groaning and cursing as she ran her hand over her face.

“Did I do something wrong?

“No, I can’t change this now”, Catherine said turning to look at him,

“Change what?

“That’s not happening, Catherine said firmly. Am paying you to pause as my secret boyfriend for the night and that’s that. So first things first my name is Catherine Crystal Pierre, am a business woman in the courier business”. She finished turning to him

“I guess it’s my turn. Well am Ryan David O’Brien, am an upcoming artist. Are you French?

“Yes am I and where are you from?


“Okay this is going to be our basic story. We met at a bar where you were performing, we talked and kept in touch. That’s all you get. My love life is none of their business and so is yours to me”, Catherine finished. Ryan was about to say something when she raised her hand dialing her PA.

“Zander where the hell are you?

On the elevator am almost at your door. Seconds later there was a knock at the door calling the person in, her PA walked in followed by another man pushing a rack of tuxedos followed by another man dressed in a lavender suit.

“Zander? Catherine questioned

“Yes this Ben Jackson, his a stylist and was available on short notice”. He finished as Ben’s assistant unzipped the different colored Tuxes.

“Good evening Ms. Pierre it’s such an honor to work with you”, Ben said offering her his hand in a lady like manner. She shook his hands in a handshake.

“This is your converse”.

“Oohh he really is one magnificent converse”, the stylist said circling Ryan. He picked out two suits for Ryan one with a white jacket and the other navy blue with black velvet collars. He tried on the navy blue then the white one. Catherine immediately choosing the white.

“We go with white”, Catherine said walking towards Ryan fixing his bow tie before smoothing her hands on the front of the suit. She couldn’t help feel the thrill that went through her at the feel of his hard pecs and abs. The shirt fit perfectly showing a hint of the strong muscles that lay beneath. For a moment her mind ran images of him shirtless as she ran her tongue all over his muscles, chest and all wondering if his nipples would be sensitive to the touch of her lips, heat pooled at her core. Taking a deep breath she willed herself to control her hormones before she stepped away from him and walking to the balcony, hand on her temple. What was happening to her?

“Ma’am”, Zander interrupted

“What Zander Catherine turned to face her assistant who had a cup of coffee in his hand?

“I took the liberty of picking you some coffee. Your favorite mocha latte with extra cream”.

“Thank you Zander what would I do without you”. She said with a light smile on her lips.

Ryan couldn’t help the raising jealousy he felt when the assistant got close to her. Unsure of what was happening to him he looked away. Weird as it was he couldn’t stomach seeing her to close with another man but in the end this was still just a job. One that was ending tonight.

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