What Happened To Always?

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16 year old Taylor Jewel’s has it all. Popularity, and unrealistic house is West Hollywood, and carefree parents. Ever since she can remember, her brother and Noah have been best friends. Noah is like her family. When Noah’s father was arrested, the two family’s became closer than ever. Like every other summer, Noah is spending it at Taylor’s house. When Taylor discovers the truth about why Noah’s dad was arrested, she can’t help but feel closer to him than ever...maybe a little to close.

Romance / Drama
Jordan Wilson
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Chapter 1

Finally, the day I’ve been waiting for, for 11 months, summer break. I will spend the next 8 weeks of my life sleeping, shopping, and partying. I’m sitting in AP english class with only five minutes to go. Five minutes until I’m free of assignments, curfews, and the anxiety of school in general. “Enjoy your summer,” Mr. Williams calls out to all the kids as they are trampling one another, trying to squeeze through the door five at a time. I always wait until the classroom has cleared out until I leave. This way I get a chance to say goodbye to my teachers, as well as not get trampled to death. “Hey Taylor,” Mr. William says with a wide smile after everyone has left. Mr. Williams has always been my favorite teacher. “Hey Mr. W” I say, with a smile just as big “It’s been a pleasure to have you in my class. I hope senior year treats you well.” I’m going to miss him next year. “Thank you.” I say, giving him a hug.

As I’m walking across the parking lot to my car I hear “O. M. G. Taylor!” over my shoulder. I already know who it is. I spin around and see Emily, jumping up and down and running full speed towards me. I have to jump out of the way just so she doesn’t tumble into me. “Hey,” I say laughing at her because she is still jumping up and down and screaming. “You’ll never believe what just happened. Blake asked me out!” she shrieks right in my ear. Emily has had a crush on Blake since freshman year. He’s sort of a jerk, but he’s very attractive, with his dark hair and green eyes. “Yay!” I scream, matching her tone. Although I’m not too happy about the fact that she is dating a complete player, it isn’t my place to judge her and her choices. “Well I’ll see you at Dean’s party Sunday?” Although I didn’t know there was a party Sunday, it’s the first weekend of summer and I want to spend it partying with Emily. Hopefully Mason and Noah aren’t going. I doubt they’ll let me do anything involving smoking, drinking, or having any fun whatsoever. “Of course!” I yell in the most confident and obnoxious voice I can pull off. “Perf” she says, and retreats back to her car. She drives a pink Jeep and I drive a white one. We both got matching cars for our sixteenth birthday last year. I’m really dreading going home.

I can tell you right now that there is no way that Noah and Mason are letting me anywhere near drugs and alcohol. When they were gone, at college I got away with anything I wanted. Now that they're on break and back home, they will be looking over my shoulder 24/7. That means I can’t do anything fun as long as they're watching. If I do, I get either a lecture or Mason tells Mom. As I pull up to my house, I’m debating getting out of my car.

After about 15 minutes of deciding if I should go inside or just head to Emily’s I realize that I haven’t seen my brother and Noah in almost 2 years and I should probably say hi. When I open the front door my mom is sitting on the couch watching a movie with Cora, Noah’s mom. “Hey,” I say, stepping into the threshold. “Hey Taylor” they both say at the exact same time. “How was school,” mom asks with a wide smile on her face. “Good,” I shoot her a small smile, and walk up the stairs to my room, before she can ask anymore questions.

The second I open the door, I’m being tackled by Noah, “Hey Tay,” he says in his most annoying high pitched voice he can manage. “Get off of me, Noah” I attempt to say, although it is kind of hard to talk when you are being pinned down by someone who is way larger than you. Finally, he gets off of me and I can breathe again. But it’s not long before he pulls me into a giant hug, off the ground and spins me around until I'm dizzy. When he puts me down I tople over onto my bed as he laughs at me. “You're such a boy,” I say rolling my eyes, and biting my cheek trying to hold in my laughter. “Well I would hope you knew that by now,” with that, I let out a small laugh. “Any plans this weekend?” he asks, as if he is trying to ruin my chance of sneaking off to the party alone. He can always tell when I'm lying. “No, just going to Emily’s on Sunday” I reply. I’m really trying to sound convincing. “You’ve always been a really bad liar, Taylor.” Great. My chances of going to the party alone are officially ruined. “Why do you care so much?” I ask clearly annoyed “Because I don’t want my little sister running off smoking and drinking with random people. I know about Dean’s party on Sunday. I was invited too. So we can go together.” I am not his little sister, no matter how much he tries to act like my older brother. I wonder where my actual brother is. “Where’s Mason?” I ask. Normally he would have been the one tackling me right when I got home. “He decided he was going to stay back an extra 3 weeks to chill with his new girl.” Mason? A girlfriend? No way. Last summer I tried to set him up with Emily, and he told me he doesn’t do commitment and wanted to have options. I can’t help it, I laugh at Noah’s answer. “That was my reaction too,” he admits. I’m still giggling. As I’m laughing like an idiot I remember that Noah is coming to Dean’s party. I immediately stop laughing. “Please don’t come to the party, Noah. It’s the first party of summer and I don’t need you over my shoulder the entire time.” He puts his hand on his chest to look shocked that I would even suggest such a thing. “Taylor, I wouldn’t never.” He gasps, acting offended. “Just please stay at least ten feet away from me at all times.” I say, rolling my eyes and pulling him off my bed, pushing him out of my room, and shutting the door behind him. It hasn’t even been five minutes since I kicked Noah out, and there is already knocking on my walls. Noah usually stays at our house when Mason is here to entertain him, but since he’s apparently hanging out with his girlfriend in New York, I have no idea why Noah is staying here. “Why are you staying here?” I ask through the wall, “You said Mason was staying in New York for 3 weeks.” I hear him sit up against the wall. I can sense his smirk through the wall. “Well someone has to stay here and annoy you.” he says with a breathy laugh. I don’t believe him. I think Noah just doesn’t want to stay in his house. Ever since his dad was arrested, he hasn’t liked that house. He comes over here every chance he gets. I don’t want to ask him though. Talking to Noah about his dad is like standing in front of a loaded gun. You don’t do it. So I let out a fake laugh, that I hope sounds convincing, “Yay. Can’t wait.” I reply, sarcasm flowing out with every word.

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