Chained Lovers

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Mafia Princess, Kiara Romano, is trying to nurse her broken heart using sex and alcohol, as she is forced to put her tragic past behind her, She finds herself straying away from her family and into the arms of Aaron Black, leader of a criminal gang, and her father's biggest enemy. However what will she do when the man who broke her heart and shattered her soul, Tristan Rose, one of her father's trusted men, returns back to town with one mission. To win her back. How will Kiara fair as she's stuck in this whirlwind love triangle? Will one man arise the victor for this deadly battle for her heart? Will Kiara choose loyalty to her family above all? Or will all three hearts shatter in this torrid love affair? (Will be continued and finished)

Romance / Erotica
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I always thought everyone had one soulmate.

That one special person who they would mate with for life. I thought that person for me was my ex, Tristan Rose. The man who crushed into my life like a storm and broke my heart into a thousand tiny pieces.

Slowly I was rebuilding myself, but then he came back. For one thing, me.

The problem is his ex-best friend Aaron black, notorious criminal and gang leader, who just happens to be my father's biggest enemy. He's dangerous, sexy and managed to captivate me in every way.

With both boys pulling me in different directions, where will my heart go?


A broken mind, a hurting soul and a shattered heart. That's what Tristan Rose left me with.

I didn't cry though as my dad told me that Tristan, my 'friend' as he believed, was a mole working for a rival gang and feeding them information. More specially, information about my family.

My first love had made me fall completely and utterly in love with him, used me and then threw me to the side.

Brazil, he said he was would moving too for a few months. We decided on a long distance relationship and barely a few hours into it, my world had come crashing down, alongside our relationship.

I texted and called, desperately hoping that it was all a misunderstanding, that my dad had made a mistake, something he rarely ever did. But, nothing.

The number he had given me a year ago, when we first started our relationship, was now non-exist, and he had disappeared. Just like a ghost. Ironic right?

Wait, you don't know the whole story yet do you? Should we get to the really twisted part?

In my completely deserving emotional breakdown, I decided the best way to deal with my broken heart was to get completely drunk and party. Not a good idea.

Mix blaring music, a shit ton of alcohol, a broken heart and Aaron Black.

Known gang leader, enemy of my father and oh yeah, Tristan's best friend.

I guess the fact that my boyfriend was best friends with the leader of an enemy gang should have rang some alarm bells in my head but...I was blinded by love and it didn't help that Aaron happened to be one of the nicest guys I had ever met.

What a fucking lie that turned out to be.

You see, I wanted to hurt Tristan just as bad as he hurt me. I wanted him to feel my pain, to have his heart shattered into a million tiny pieces and so...I slept with his best friend.

A part of me loved the fact that I had enacted my revenge, a part of me hated how much control Tristan had over me and another part of me actually enjoyed the sex.

Anyways, after Aaron had fallen asleep and I was lying wide awake, rethinking every single one of my life choices, I received a call. From none other than my dad.

You see, whilst I was fucking Aaron, my dad was searching desperately to find out who Tristan was working for. And guess who it was?

Aaron fucking Black.

Get the irony now? Tristan was a member of Aaron's gang the Ghosts. Such a stupid fucking name.

I ran of course, did the walk of shame back home and cried until there were no tears left.

Betrayed by two guys, at the ripe age of 16.

I never wanted to feel like that again so I made a pact with myself. No strings, no love, no heartbreak.

You see, this isn't some fluffy story where a sorry will mean all is forgiven. My heart was shattered, and my trust was broken. I vowed to move on with my life and make a better future for myself but...that was just the thing.

No matter how many times I tried to forget him, I simply couldn't. And then just like that, he walked back into my life and once again, our story began.

This story will be continued.


A/N: Thank you so much for reading the first part of my book! I hope you guys enjoyed it and hopefully got a little insight into my new book and the storyline.

I am currently in the process of writing the first few chapters and the first chapter should be up in a week or two, depending on how fast I write.

Whether this is your first time reading one of my stories or the second or even fifth, I hope you are hooked and ready to join me on this roller coaster journey!

Prepare yourself guys for Kiara's journey, the final instalment in the Chained series and my favourite book to write yet!

Welcome to Chained Lovers...hope you enjoy!

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