Endless Love

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He was ancient, she was new. They both struggle in their lives, but when their worlds collide, everything changes on both sides. She will discover a new world, he will discover something special about her. Are they doomed from the start?

Romance / Drama
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Yesterday I was hungry, today I am cold, tomorrow is another day to survive the unknown. It is like this for me ever since I lost my home. All thanks to my ex-husband and his gambling problem.

One day I came to my house after a few errands and found two strangers in my house whilst they were arguing with Paul. He owed their boss money. It took all of our possessions to give them back what he owned, and after that the bank took over the house since we lost everything.

I never worked in my life since it was Paul who provided everything we needed. It took me forever to find a job. With the little money I earned, I kept paying a lousy lawyer for my divorce.

I have the worst hours, always the night shift. I work as a cleaner in a motel, the Grey Palace Hotel.

I don't mingle with my colleagues, I'm too ashamed with my past. Beside we aren't that many in these hours. I have no family. All I had those past years was Paul.

So I'm on my own, surviving my days as they come and go. Hoping that someday, one of these days, everything would be fine again. Am I crazy to hope, even if it's just a little?

Oh my god, sometimes people are real pigs! I think in the back of my head when I see the inside of the next room I gotta clean. It's going to take me years to clean this one up, luckily it's the last one on my list.

I have broken glasses in the bathroom; the bed is upside down and the walls. No, don't look at the walls! What is that? Is that crap? Who the hell does such things?

Let's see, I'll need a mask and gloves. Let's put on double gloves to make sure I don't catch bacteria or something. Now let's deal with this shit. I mean literally, not figuratively.

Finally, I'm done and now my back is killing me. That's going to hurt in the morning! I need a bath and pronto. Great, that 2 am and I had to finish at midnight. I'm telling you, I'm not paid enough for the shit I'm dealing with! Don't argue, don't argue, better this than nothing.

One day at a time, one day at a time. I repeat over and over in my head as I walk outside. I have no choice but to go home while I walk because I don't have enough money to take a taxi and the bus has already left.

As I walk, I count the little money in my head to see if I will survive until my next paycheck. Sometimes I miss my old life with Paul, those days were so easy for me.

NO! Don't you dare go there. It's because of that asshole that your life is so fucked up! Put this motherfucker far, far away in your mind, close the door, and lose that fucking key. He doesn't deserve a glimpse of your thoughts.

The problem with being so lost in my mind is that I'm not focused on my surroundings. Then I hear footsteps following me. I do a stupid thing and look behind me.

"Hey baby, what's up?"

There are two men following me. I step on faster.

"Oh darling, don't be like that!" The other says, as they both speed up their movement to follow me even closer.

Maybe life isn't this cruel? Maybe they're just fooling around to scare me? Maybe I have too much hope in me?

Fuck a dead-end! They knew what they were doing from the start. They both played with my fear and they got me exactly where they wanted.

"Why are you doing this? Please leave me be. I don't want any problem." I say out of fear.

"Come on now, baby, play nice! You might like this? Me and my good friend here, we just want to play." One of the two says this while mocking at my expense.

I try to run to escape, but one of the two is faster than me as he grabs me forcefully and pushes me hard against the wall of the building.

"Uh-uh, not so fast, honey. We haven't had our fun yet."

"HELP ME, SOME..." I found the courage to scream, but I quickly regret it when I receive a punch from the one holding me against the wall.

"What did I tell you, huh? Tell me, are you going to be a good girl from now on?"

Now tears are streaming down my face. I can't believe that faith would have brought me here, so I would endure something else on my list that was my life.

"That's right, nice and easy. Be good and we won't hurt you." He says to me as he begging to unbutton my blouse.

"Fuck! You're skin is so soft. Hey, Vick! Comme taste her skin." He turns around to looks at his friend behind him.

"Vick? Vick? Where the hell are you, man?"

He detaches from me to looks for his friend. Now it would be a good idea to run away, but my body still crumbles in fear.

"Guess more for me then." He says.

He watches me once more than he walks towards me again. I don't know if it's my imagination caused by stress mixed with fatigue or the reality but out of nowhere, I see a shadow appear behind him as I hear something snaps very loud and quickly. Then the body of my attacker falls to the ground, lifeless.

Till this point it's too much for my mind to handle, as in my turn I to collapse towards the floor. Before I pass out, I feel two muscular arms circling my body, which he holds me back from falling off the ground.

As I slowly regain consciousness, it's been a while since my body touched something so soft and comforting. I want to stay there forever. Then I feel eyes on me.

I sit up too quickly and felt dizzy.

"I see you're awake." When I hear that voice speak to me, it's warms my heart somehow and feels safe at the same time.

I must have hit my head harder than I thought to think such a thing. Then what went on earlier it hit me. He saved me!

I look around me but I do not see anyone but I can feel his presence. He must be lurking in the shadows?

"Did you kidnap me?" What a stupid thing to ask.

"No woman, you're free to go and it would be best if you do so."

"If you give me a choice, I want to stay. I hadn't felt safe for a while. I can clean, you must need a maid?" I ask desperately. I don't want to go back, please don't let me go back?

I hear nothing is he gone? No I can still feel his eyes on me. Then I see him come out of the shadows. He is without a doubt the most beautiful man I ever let my eyes on. I can sense that he's a dangerous man, but for me he's my safe haven somehow.

I can see in his eyes he's struggling with the decision that he must take.

"Very well, you'll be my new maid and you'll pay your rent by working for me. In return, I will provide you what you'll need."

He doesn't wait for me to thank him as he leaves what I think is my new chamber for now on. When he's gone, I realise what I've done. What the fuck came over me to make such a suggestion?

Did I just strict a deal with the devil himself?

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