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Night Life

'I never knew a body could hold that much liquid and not burst,' I thought when I was finally able to use the toilet.

Washing my hands, I marveled as hot water started flowing immediately from the tap. At home it sometimes took ten minutes to get anything close to tepid, but here I almost burned myself the water was so hot.

And the soap, oh the soap, it smelled of lavender with a hint of lime, not like the lye soap we got at home. Instead of leaving my hands feeling dry and crack, the soap I found by the sink actually made my hands feel soft.

Not sure if I should use the pristine towels, I opted to dry my hands on the front of my shirt. Just in case.

Opening the door to return to my seat at the table I saw several human slaves running to and fro, removing my broken and shredded bedding, replacing it all with new.

The table had been cleared of my breakfast, its surface polished to a mirror finish.

Aric still sat at his desk, ignoring the hubbub as he continued to work.

Not wanting to be in anyone's way I stayed by the bathroom door until the others were finished with their work.

When they were gone I steeled myself and stepped further into the room, heading for my cage. I couldn't think of anywhere else I should go.

Reaching the door, Aric called my name.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"You are working," I explained, my hands nervously clapping themselves in front of me, "I don't want to be in your way so I thought I should sit in my cage."

"Do you want to be in the cage?" he asked, his face very serious.

"Not really," I said, a nervous laugh escaping my lips.

"Then don't," Aric replied, "you can sit on the sofa or one of the armchairs if you like."

Surprised by this it took me several seconds to make my feet move, heading for one of the armchairs.

Sitting, I pulled my knees to my chest, stretching my t-shirt to cover them, trying to conserve as much body heat as I could.

While Aric worked I let my eyes roam around the room, realizing for the first time just how big it really was.

Directly by the door we had entered last night was the dining table which could seat at least six people. It was separated from the sitting area where I sat by a low wall that the sofa was pushed against.

Aric's desk and office area were situated in a large alcove to the left of the sitting area giving him privacy, but also a commanding view of both the dining area and sitting area. The wall behind the desk was filled with bookcases that seemed to sag under the weight of the knowledge they held.

On the opposite side of the room was the door to the bathroom and closet.

Behind the sitting area was Aric's bedroom, complete with a king sized bed, a bench, floor to ceiling windows with heavy blackout curtains and, of course, my cage.

The whole room felt like a man's domain, something my dad would have called 'man cave' style.

The rest of the night I spent staring at this piece of art or that, wondering where it came from. Was in something a human had painted or sculpted or was it a vampiric artist?

Hearing Aric stand, I looked and watched as he stretched, his arms reaching into the air with almost cat-like movements. He was stunning.

Everyone knew that vampires were all beautiful, but Aric was more than that, he was gorgeous.

"Hungry?" he asked, reaching for the phone, his voice shocking me back to the present.

Nodding my head, not actually knowing what he'd asked, I couldn't believe where my mind was headed.

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