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Locked in the car my mind raced. What had I been thinking?

First I'd spoken out of turn. Even I knew pets and slaves didn't do that. Fuck, we were taught that in kindergarten.

Secondly I'd jumped out of Aric's car and tried to run away. Where the hell did I think I was going to go? I couldn't go home, that would be the first place they'd search, and my mom. She'd be interrogated even though she'd have no idea where I was.

Plus, I was in the middle of a vampire controlled city. Even if I'd managed to elude Aric another vampire would find me and I would be lucky to be returned to him.

When he'd caught me, I'd seen a look of desire

As we drove over the river I looked at the old clock tower, remembering the day my dad had taken me to see it, telling me about Spokane as it had been before the take over.

It had been a thriving city of twenty thousand people from all walks of life living and working together. There were movie theaters, restaurants, libraries, everything, and while there had been crime, it was a safe place to live.

I knew these stories were only what his parents had told him, but it was nice to imagine happy families sitting on the grass enjoying the freedoms I'd never known.

Turning west I looked at all the empty building that lined the streets of downtown, wondering, not for the first time, what it must have looked like to see hundreds of people going to and from them.

It must have been a sight to see. Instead the streets were empty, littered with the remains of a civilization gutted to the bone by monsters. Monsters that now own me.

Leaving the city center Aric drove towards the Brown's Addition section of town. It was where most of the vampire elite had chosen to live, enjoying the Victorian and Edwardian architecture of the area.

My dad used to tell me to stay as far away from this area as possible, and now I was being driven into it's heart.

Aric pulled into the driveway of a large, brightly lit, three story home that, according to my dad, had once been a museum.

Stopping the car, Aric got out and came around to open my door.

"Welcome home," he said, offering me his hand, acting as though he hadn't just wrestled me to the ground.

Avoiding his touch, I got out under my own power, looking up at the impressive, if imposing building.

Taking my leash, he led the way to the front door.

Before reaching it, a human slave dressed in a uniform of grey pants and white shirt opened it, head bent, eyes averted.

In the entry hall I saw dark wood accents everywhere, floors, walls, and ceiling all bleak and sobering.

"Is Henry here?" I heard Aric ask as we walked towards the grand staircase.

"Yes master," the slave from the door said, following us. "He arrived five minutes ago."

"Good," the vampire replied, tugging me with him up the steps. "Send up my meal, A positive, spiced.

"And make something for my new pet," he added, his voice commanding.

With a low bow, the slave left us, not making a single sound as he moved.

"Welcome home," he said to me as he moved up the stairs, leading me by my leash.

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