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Working for a Living

Aric cursed the gods when he saw the pile of paperwork that had grown on his desk since he'd left for the hunt.

In just a week it looked like his desk was ready to collapse under the weight of the work that waited for him.

Sitting down, he played a mental game of Eeny-Meeny-Minee-Moe to determine which pile to tackle first.

Deciding on the left, he took the first sheaf of papers praying for the strength to make it through the tedious task of dealing with his families empire.

Thankfully most of it was easy work, allotments for slaves, control over outlying parts of the city, requests for more blood allowances from the Carthage Faction, all of it normal everyday crap that Aric knew his father could send to other's to deal with. Unfortunately, he felt the need to keep his son pinned down under its weight.

Aric sat back, trying to drink from an empty cup. He thought about calling for more, but decided against it. He wasn't really that hungry.

Opting to take care of one more file before calling it a day. Opening the cover, Aric's heart dropped.

He had to read through it five times before he could wrap his mind around what he was seeing.

According to what he was reading, his father was renewing his engagement with Josephine immediately, the wedding date set in two months.

Picking up the phone, he dialed his father's number in Seattle.

"What the hell is the meaning of this?" he spat into the receiver.

"Son," his father, Lothaire, said, his calm voice only irritating his son further, "what are you referring to?"

"You're planning on making me marry Josephine?" Aric demanded. "Even after her behavior?"

"Aric," his father replied, sounding even more relaxed, "everyone makes indiscreet decisions now and then.

"Besides, her family is only second to ours in power. A wedding between our two families has been in the works for decades, and as my eldest child it is your duty to, shall we say, 'seal the deal'?"

"I'm not going to marry that whore," Aric screamed, rising to his feet. "You can't make me."

"Yes I can," his father's voice boomed over the phone, loud enough to make the handset to shake in Aric's hand. "You will marry her and the that is the end of it."

Aric's ear rang from the sound of his father slamming down his phone.

He seethed as he replaced the phone in its cradle.

Full of rage, he swept his desk clear of papers, sending a shower of papers into the air.

When that wasn't enough to quench the fire in his heart, Aric flipped the desk not caring that it shattered on impact.

Grabbing his chair he slammed it onto the remains of his desk relishing in the absolute destruction he was causing.

A slave opened the door concerned about the noise.

Seeing a victim he could hurt, Aric ran after her, catching her before she could get more than two steps.

Tearing into her throat with his fangs, he relished in her cry of pain as the life flowed out of her.

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