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Blood in the Water

I heard the screams that echoed through the house, my blood running cold. Dropping the shirt I was folding, I ran to the door trying to help who ever was hurt.

Of course, I'd forgotten I was locked in, my efforts only resulting in me bumping my forehead against the wood, giving myself a deep gash across my forehead.

More screams followed the first, over and over the cries came before being abruptly cut off. They were all horrible, the sounds of death.

Putting my ear to the door I heard running footsteps as several people passed in the hallway. Muffled voices shushing each other.

"Hello?" I called, trying to get someone to respond, slamming my hand against the door. "Hello?"

Whoever was on the other side barely paused before continuing their flight from whatever was chasing them. I heard them hurrying away before the distant sound of doors slamming.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!" I heard someone call. It was Aric's voice, but not his voice.

I heard heavy footsteps in the hall outside coming closer and closer.

Stepping away from the door, I tried to be a silent as possible praying that he would forget I was here.

Hearing the key turn in the lock, I tried to suppress the sob that rose in my throat.

Slowly, the door creaked open and an angry looking, disheveled Aric stepped inside, his face and the front of his shirt covered with blood.

"Aric," I whispered, raising my hand to my forehead, hoping to forestall the inevitable.

Without a word he was across the room, his left arm around me, squeezing me like a vice while his right hand tore the collar of my shirt away from my throat.

"Please," I begged, seeing the flash of fangs before feeling them digging into my neck.

Crying out in pain I tried to push him off, but he only dug deeper into my flesh, sucked harder at my throat.

Feeling myself getting weaker by the moment, I tried to reach his face intent on clawing my way free if possible.

Pulling away, I could feel my skin rip as he looked down at me, my blood dripping down his chin.

"Oh," he purred, a maniacal evil grin on his face, "You want to play? None of the other's did."

Lifting me off the ground, he carried me to the bed, tossing me down like a rag doll.

"Aric," I screamed, trying to crawl away from him like a crab.

Grabbing my foot he pulled me back to him, positioning himself between my legs, trying to pull off my pants, his claws leaving deep gashes into my stomach.

When I tried to move away again, his hand shot out and gripped my throat, squeezing it slowly.

"Please," I begged, my vision narrowing as I tried to pry his hands away. "Please, don't kill me."

As blackness finally took me, the last thing I saw was Aric looming over me, the rage in his eyes melting away.

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