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To Kiss or Not To Kiss

I sat frozen as the vampire leaned in, his lips gently caressing my burning throat.

The kisses he left felt no heavier than a butterfly's wings as he moved from one side to the other.

I didn't know if he meant to feed from me again and was stunned when he lifted his head and his lips touched mine.

Soon the butterfly touches gave way to a demanding hunger I'd never known could exist.

His hands slid up my arms, avoiding my neck to intertwine his fingers in my hair, pulling me closer, his kiss deepening.

Though it wasn't the first time I'd been kissed, it was the first time I'd felt that much passion, that much heat.

As his tongue pushed past my lips, searching out my own I felt my body shiver in anticipation.

Oh God he was a good kisser. But hadn't he just tried to kill me just a few hours ago.

Pressing my palms to his steel muscled chest I pushed with all my might finally managing to extricate my lips from his.

Leaning back, Aric panted as he looked back at me, his eyes confused.

"What's wrong?" he breathed, trying to pull me in for another kiss.

"No," I said, turning away.

Sensing the moment was over, he withdrew his hands and sat back completely.

"One minute you storm into this room and try to rip my throat out, then you try to rape me, and finally you strangle me until I black out," I said, my head snapping to look at him, my eyes glaring angrily at him. "Now you're trying to kiss me?

"Why?" I demanded, trying to ignore the rawness of my throat, but I needed answers. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Aric didn't reply, he just looked like a kicked puppy as he stood and moved towards the door.

Too angry to let him escape my wrath I jumped off the bed and placed myself between him and the exit surprising him and myself in the act.

"No," I yelled, too scared and too tired to care if he did kill me. "You don't get to feel like the injured party in this and run away!

"You attacked me," I spat, a harsh cough ripping at my throat, "and God knows how many you killed on your way up here! I don't care if you are the heir apparent of this shit hole you and your kind made of this country, you are not the victim here! I am!!!"

Aric stood rooted to the spot looking completely at a loss for words.

With my venom spent, I suddenly felt completely empty, the only thing holding my up was the door at my back.

Slowly, the room began to fade in and out as I slid to the floor, breathing , barely noticing Aric's arms catching me before I hit the ground.

Looking up, I saw his pale blue eyes looking down at me and I wondered if they were the last things I would ever see.

I felt myself floating in the air before being laid on a soft, cloud wrapped in fluffy down before darkness claimed me once more.

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