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Shot Through the Heart

Aric pulled a chair over and sat watching his pet sleep, amazed at her outburst.

Never in his existence had anyone ever talked to him so bluntly. Well, no one except his father.

Liberty’s words had stung, their venom lancing straight into his heart.

She’d been right, he was’t the victim. And why the hell had he kissed her? Yes, she was pretty to look at with her dark hair, green eyes and oh so kissable lips, but she was a human. A pet. He was a vampire, her master.

While it wasn’t unheard of for masters to feed from their pets, but to bed them was something completely different. And again, the question of why he’d even thought about it.

Liberty had done nothing he could think of the even hint she was interested in such a thing, and looking at her now he didn’t feel even the smallest urge to kiss her again.

Shaking his head he tried to bring himself back to the problem at hand.

He had taken his rage at his father and the situation he’d been pushed into on anything and everything he could.

Who knew how many slaves he’d killed on his way back to his room before attacking the woman now sleeping in his bed.

And for what? Because he was going to have to marry Josephine? Fine, she was a horrible, arrogant, narcissist who only cared about the pleasure she could get from others. So what, wasn't that every other vampire he knew?

Startled by the thought, Aric felt himself on the edge of a revelation. Josephine was just like every other vampire he knew. Even Henry.

Thinking about it, Aric realized that he was the only vampire he knew who actually showed any concern for the people they controlled.

Wasn't that why no one had been able to understand why he was so distraught after Angel died? It had been after that when he'd begun to distance himself from the others.

Looking back he couldn't believe he hadn't put it together before now.

Why had it taken this young woman to make him see what was plain to anyone who looked?

No wonder he'd take the post in Spokane when he could have control over a city closer to Seattle.

In Spokane he was far enough away from the vampent members of his father's court, who only thought of themselves, and could concentrate on making changes to how humans were treated that actually mattered.

Instead he'd allowed himself to slip into the roll of indolent overlord, letting whatever happened happen, blaming everything on his father and not taking any responsibility for his own lack of action.

Standing, he kissed Liberty's cheek whispering a quick 'thank you' before moving to the small desk tucked in the corner of his room.

Taking up his pen Aric wrote feverishly, trying to make sure he noted all the ideas he had for improvements to his city before they disappeared.

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