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Now What?

I sat quietly in one of the armchairs as two humans, one male, one female, moved around the room on silent feet cleaning up the shattered remains of my breakfast dishes.

I wanted to talk to them, to ask questions about Aric, about being a slave, but thought better of it. I wasn't a slave, I was a pet and while the line between the two titles was vague at best, I knew that my life was without a doubt better than theirs.

The most obvious distinction was our clothing. I sat curled in brand new clothes meant for a vampire, while they were clad in ill fitting deep blue jumpsuits and uncomfortable work boots.

It also looked like neither of them had seen a decent meal in years, while I had been offered piles of delicious food at almost every meal.

Once they were gone and the door locked once more, my thoughts shifted to what had been about to happen before Aric was called away.

Had I really been about to have sex with a vampire?

Was that even allowed?

I mean, there were human sex slaves, but their lives were usually short and ended bloody. I didn't want that, I wanted to live.

Of course, I was twenty-six, and Aric had already told me what would happen to me when I turned twenty-eight, but that was a problem for another day.

My problem right now was when Aric returned, would he expect me to let him finish what he started? Would I even have a say if he did?

Why the hell had I even put myself in that position? Just because he'd been nice to me this morning I'd allowed myself to suddenly be vulnerable.

Out of no where I heard a female voice screaming, the words muffled by their distance, but whatever she was saying, she was pissed. Even through the multiple walls and floors that seemed to be between me and whoever it was was absolutely livid.

Pulling my knees to my chest, I chewed on my lower lip hearing what I assumed was Aric's voice raised in reply.

'Please don't let him be mad when he comes back,' I prayed, my heart racing in fear at the memory of last night, my hand reaching for my neck.

Tears of panic escaped my eyes as I curled into myself trying to become the smallest, and least noticeable target in the room.

The screaming continued until there was a sudden silence.

My heartbeat pounded in my ears as I listened harder for some indication of what had happened.

There were no running feet in the hall, but after Aric's binge last night I didn't know how many people were left in the house apart from the two humans who'd been cleaning earlier.

Then I heard feet pounding up the stairs, and my heart skipped a beat. Aric was coming back, and if his steps were any indication he was in a hurry.

Tasting blood, I realized that I had chewed a hole in my lip I been biting it so hard.

Panic gripped my entire body as I pulled the sleeve of my sweater over my hand and shoved the woven fabric into my mouth hoping to hide the smell of fresh blood.

Suddenly the door to the splinter in to hundreds of tiny pieces and a stunningly blond vampire stepped in, her eyes searching the room.

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