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For Fuck's Sake

Josephine saw her prey curled up on one of Aric's armchairs, its body shaking in terror as she approached.

"So you are the little slut?" she purred, her razor sharp nail digging into Liberty's chin forcing her to look up.

Josephine stared down at her, examining the human's pale skin, green eyes and deep black hair.

"Aren't you a pretty thing?" she asked, caressing the humans cheek with the back of her free hand, her tongue running over her ruby red lips.

"Leave her alone," Aric demanded stepping over the splinters that had once been his bedroom door, "she's nothing. Just a pet I caught in the St. Januarius Hunt."

"She's more than that," Josephine replied, her nail digging deeper into Liberty's chin forcing the girl to stand up or get skewered. "I smelled her all over your fingers.

"That musty smell of female juices is unmistakable," she continued, circling around her victim, her nail digging into Liberty's skin like it was onion paper.

Having completed a half circle around the girl, Josephine's hand shifted fast than was humanly possible. Her nail was no longer digging into the human's chin, instead she now had the girl by the throat. The soft, fragile human throat.

"Have you fucked him yet?" she asked her victim, looking meaningfully at Aric.

"No," Liberty breathed, taking her sleeve out of her mouth. With the blood dripping from her chin there was no point in hiding the blood in her mouth.

Josephine listened not only to the human's words, but also her body.

The girls heart was ready to burst out of her chest she was so afraid, but she was telling the truth.

"Do you want to?" she asked, he grip tightening ever so slightly.

"Josephine," Aric said, trying to figure out how to get Liberty out of her grip and away to safety, "I said, 'leave her alone'."

"I just want a little girl time," she pouted beautifully.

"If you harm her," he seethed, his own nails and fangs extending, "you won't make it out of this house alive.

"You've had more than you share of playthings, we all know it," he continued, stepping forward. "I think it's only fair I have one of my own."

"Fine," Josephine replied, shoving Liberty away from her with such force the human slid across the wood strewed floor on her chest before slamming into the doorjamb.

"Oops," Josephine said in her most innocent voice.

Stepping past Aric, who had only moved enough to place himself between Liberty's prone form and Josephine, she left the room.

Aric waited until he was sure she'd left his house before rushing to Liberty's side.

Gently he turned her over, seeing no outward sign of injury aside from where Josephine had dug her finger nail in and a few scrapes from wood splinters.

"Are you hurt?" he asked, helping her sit up.

"I don't... oooww," she hissed, shrinking back from his touch.

"What is it?" he asked, taking his hands away, unsure where she was hurt.

"I think I have some splinters," she breathed, trying to stand up.

"Let me take a look," he said, pulling the collar down to see the extent of

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