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Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Liberty was so brave, she barely made a sound as he pulled the cups of her bra away even though he could see that several of the slivers had been pulled out by the lacy fabric.

Setting the ruined undergarment aside Aric looked back at Liberty's bare breasts, the pink buds only hours before he'd been suckling.

"Is it bad?" he heard her ask, bringing his attention back to what he was supposed to be doing.

"No," he sighed, looking away from her breasts to the rest of her damaged chest. "But some of these are in pretty deep."

Opening a drawer he pulled out tweezers, band-aids, and cotton balls.

"Are you ready?" he asked, looking up at her.

"Not really," she breathed, forcing a smile, "but if you don't take them out, I'm gonna have to, and I'm not sure that would go well."

Nodding his understanding, Aric picked up the tweezers and went to work.

With every hiss of discomfort and outright cry of pain, he kept at work, digging out each and every piece of wood.

When he was sure the wound was clear of all splinters, Aric would lean in and lick the opening letting his healing saliva go to work before covering it with an adhesive bandage.

By the time he was done, Liberty's chest was covered with more bandages than flesh.

Sitting back, he could barely hide his hunger. Though Liberty hadn't lost a lot of blood, some of the pieces had gone really deep and required him to dig them out making the blood trickle down her chest.

It was these deeper injuries that had excited his blood lust, making him want to feed from her.

Thankfully she didn't seem to notice, having kept her eyes closed for most of the procedure.

"All done," Aric sighed, standing to move away from the overwhelming smell of blood.

"Thank you," Liberty breathed, finally opening her eyes.

Seeing his extended canines, and the look of pain on his face, she knew he was hungry,and it was her fault.

"Aric," he heard her say, seeing her hop from the counter.

"Don't," he breathed, trying to back away from her, only to bump into the wall.

"Aric," she repeated, stepping towards him, "you're hungry aren't you?"

"I'll call for a slave," he breathed, waving her away.

"Don't," she replied, stepping to him, baring her neck.

"Liberty," he sighed, trying to fight the hunger, "I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't," she replied, cupping his face, "if you eat now. If you wait too much longer, you will.

"I trust you," she said looking into his eyes.

Unnerved by her absolute faith in him, Aric pulled her into a kiss.

Holding her close, his lips moved from hers, leaving a trail of kisses to the nape of her neck, nuzzling deep before sinking his fangs gently into the delicate flesh.

Hearing her gasp, he started to withdraw, but was forestalled by Liberty snaking her hand into his hair.

"It's okay," she breathed, the trembling in her voice telling him it was a lie.

Suckling, he drew deeply, her blood flooding his veins with warmth.

Pulling her closer, he let his hands roam up and down her naked back, relishing in the heat radiating from her.

Lifting her off the floor, he guided her legs until they were wrapped tightly around his waist.

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