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Walk in the Park

It took less than an hour to make the arrangements to have the door to his room replaced and the room returned to its normal spotlessness.
While the work was being done, Aric thought it would be nice to take Liberty out for a walk.
Though it was chilly outside, when he broached the idea with her, she smiled so brightly it lifted his own spirits with its radiance.
"I'd love to!" she cried, clapping her hands together.
"But what about the sun?" she asked, her smile faltering. "Won't it hurt you?"
"I told you," Aric sighed, "vampires can walk in daylight, we're more sensitive to it, but nothing like your human stories used to say.
"Put on your shoes and we can go," he said, seeing her barely able to stand still she was so excited.
Liberty ran to him and kissed him on the cheek before running to sit and pull on her boots.
When she was ready, Aric brought out her collar. Seeing the smile disappear at the sight of it he was tempted to leave it off, but Liberty was a pet, the pet of the High Lord of Spokane and if he didn't enforce his own laws how could he expect his people to?
"You have to wear it to go outside," he said, motioning for her to come to him.
"I know," she said sadly, unable to meet his eyes as he buckled it into place.
Attaching the leash he led a now less enthusiast Liberty out of his room.
Once outside, her smile seemed to return, but not with the same level of joy it had once had.
Aric led the way to a nearby wooded area that he liked to explore, hoping to find it empty. That way he could at least unhook Liberty from the leash and let her wander un-tethered.
As they walked, Liberty kept her head down mentally kicking herself for forgetting her place. Of course she had to wear the collar and leash when they went out, she was after all, a pet.
A forced companion that Aric could show off to his friends as such a 'cute little thing'. She wondered if he'd want her to fetch a stick or do some sort of stupid trick to get a treat.
She'd seen it before, why would Aric be any different?
Reaching his favorite part of the wood, Aric listened intently making sure no one was around for at least half a mile.
Smiling to himself, he turned to unlatch Liberty only to see tears streaking her cheeks.
"What's wrong?" he asked, cupping her cheek to make her meet his eyes.
"Nothing," she lied, another tear rolling free.
"Tell me," he said using his thumb to wipe the tear away, his voice urging her to be honest.
"Do you want me to fetch stick?" she sniffled bitterly, wiping the rest of her tears away.
"Fetch a...," he stuttered, taken aback by her comment. "Why would I have you fetch a stick?"
"I'm pet," she replied, avoiding his eyes, "isn't that what I'm supposed to do?"
"Liberty," Aric said, repulsed by the very thought of making her do something so degrading, "I didn't bring you out here to play fetch. I brought you because I thought you would enjoy being outside for a while."
"Really?" she asked, finally looking up at him, relief showing on her face.
"Yes," he nodded, finally unhooking the leash. "You can roam around if you want to."
Liberty's smile returned as she spun on her toes looking around, trying to decided where to go first.
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