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Here We Go Again

Finally able to see straight, I pushed myself up, looking around to find Aric standing over me, a look of horror on his face.

After what we had just done, that was the last thing I expected.

A feeling of shame and self-loathing came over me, making a lump form in my throat.

Turning away, I wiped blindly at my mouth trying to make the sticky feeling of blood to go away.

Pushing myself to my feet I pulled my sweatshirt as low as it could go, trying to cover my bare legs as tears ran down my cheeks.

Aric was the one to bring me into the woods, the one who'd made me beg for him to take me, what had I done wrong.

Was it because I'd bitten him?

"Aric," I said softly, finally looking at him. "I'm sorry about biting you."

"Never mind," he said gruffly, grabbing me by the elbow and forcefully pulling me back up the hill towards the house.

"Aric?" I said, letting the tears fall, confused and scared.

"Quiet," he hissed, as we walked passed the other homes in the neighborhood, squeezing my arm for emphasis.

Obeying, I tried to keep up with his fast pace, my legs burning with the effort. When I tripped on the crack pavement, he pulled me painfully to my feet barely missing a step as he forced me to continue on.

Finally we reached the Campbell House and he pulled me inside, taking me straight to his room.

Releasing me roughly, he slammed the door behind us and walked into the bathroom without a word, closing that door behind him with a resounding bang.

Still confused and in shock, I slid to the floor where he'd left me, allowing the tsunami of emotions that had been building inside me to take over.

What had I done wrong? What was he going to do to me? Was it the sex or the blood, or had I done something else.

Slowly I replayed the last few days in my mind, from the hunt to Josephine's attack to our walk outside. Nothing had changed between us until today, in the forest.

Feeling something sticky on my legs, I looked down, suddenly remembering I was basically naked from the waist down.

Standing, I pulled off my filthy and destroyed clothes, using the clean inside of my sleeve I wiped myself clean, then balling them up I looked for a place to hide them.

Throwing them into the empty fireplace, I quickly hurried to pull on new clothes, just a pair of grey leggings and another oversize sweatshirt.

Moving back to the fireplace, I searched the mantle for matches. Finding a small box, I knelt in front of the grate and struck one. Holding it against soiled fabric I watched as some of the fuzz on the sweatshirt curled and melted, but it wouldn't catch before my finger tips started to burn.

Wiping tears from my eyes I tried again, this time trying to light the remains of my pants.

This time a fire bloomed, burning the shredded fabric quickly giving off almost no heat, but burning nonetheless.

Carefully I held the soiled sleeve of the shirt over the flame until it caught, the synthetic fabric melting more than burning.

I was so concentrated on destroying the evidence of my own stupidity that I didn't hear the bathroom door open.

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