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What Have I Done?

My arms fell to my sides as Aric pushed himself up and left the room like the hounds of hell were on his heels.

Hearing the a car screeching down the driveway I knew is was him. I’d driven him away.

What had I done this time? He'd initiated the kiss, and I had responded, was I not supposed to?

Was I supposed to fight him? Is that what he wanted?

The sex had been rough, but he didn't act like he was trying to hurt me. He hadn't hit me or tried to wound me in any way, it just seemed like he needed me.

Pulling my knees to my chest, I laid my head down and sobbed out my confusion.

When Aric had first caught me in the hunt, he'd told me he didn't want a pet, but he kept me anyway.

There were times when he was gentle, even kind, and there were other times he was cruel, but what happened in the forest was different.

There had been real passion behind his kiss and his touch, I could tell.

But if that was true, why was he treating me this way?

After an hour, I figured Aric wasn't coming back, so I decided to get cleaned up.

Stepping into the bathroom, I avoided the mirror as I undressed and stepped under the steaming water.

I scrubbed my body hard, paying special attention to my thighs and core, trying to wash away the evidence of my crime.

When every inch of my body burned a bright pink, from the scrubbing and the heat of the water I turned it off and stepped out into the cold bathroom air.

Drying myself off, I pulled my clothes back on, taking several deep breathes before opening the door. I wasn't sure if Aric had come back while I was in the shower, and I wanted to be ready if he was.

Looking around, I saw that he hadn't come back, I was still alone.

Feeling hungry, I crossed to the door and pondered my options. I could bang on it and hope one of the house slaves would take pity on me and bring me some food, but I didn't know if any of them even had a key.

Trying the knob, I was surprised when it opened easily.

Apparently, Aric was in such a hurry to get away from me that he forgot to lock me in.

Leaning out I looked up and down the hall, but didn't see or hear anyone.

Would Aric be mad at me if I left his room just long enough to get something to eat?

Considering how odd he'd been behaving I decided not to risk it.

He'd be back soon and I could ask him then, I wasn't that hungry after all.

Closing the door, I curled back up in the armchair unable to think of anything else to do. Resting my head on my knees, I felt my exhaustion finally overwhelming me.

Unwilling to resist, I let it take me into the darkness, happy to leave the real world behind.

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