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Ushering Liberty into his room, Aric could barely keep himself from simply ripping her clothes off and taking her right there on the steps.

All he could think of were the different positions he could try with her there, but he shook those thoughts from him mind as walking started to become difficult.

Reaching his room, he let Liberty go in first, waiting only long enough for her to clear the door before he was behind her, pulling her forcefully against his body, his lips seeking out the hollow of her neck as he locked the door behind them.

He loved the gasp a surprise she gave when his hand slid under her shirt, cupping her breast.

Rubbing his arousal against her backside, he grasped her chin with his free hand and turned it so he could have full access to her throat.

Though he was still full from his night of binge drinking with Henry, Aric couldn't resist the urge to sink his fangs into her veins. Taking only a sip before sealing the wound, he released her chin.

While his lips and tongue continued leaving wet trails on her neck and shoulders, his hand traced over her breast, past her stomach, and made it's way under the waistband of both her pants and panties seeking her delicate nub.

As he found it, Liberty's body shook with passion, her arms reaching behind her to lock around his neck, pulling him closer.

Aric was hard pressed to keep from exploding then, as her breathing became frantic with every swirl his finger made over and around her increasingly moist sex.

"Aric," she breathed, need reverberating through her as he pushed her toward the edge with the slightest flick.

Feeling her body stiffen, then go limp Aric smiled into her neck.

"I'm not done with you get," he whispered, nibbling her ear.

Slowly, he withdrew his hand from her pants, licking his finger clean before turning her in his arms and pulling her into a lip crushing kiss.

Together they moved to the bed leaving a trail of clothing in their wake.

Liberty laid back pulling Aric with her, her legs parted, ready when he slid into her.

Rolling, he pulled her up so she sat straddling him, his hands pushing and pulling her hips in an almost relentless rhythm.

Seeing her breast bouncing as she moved, he couldn't help but sit up and suckle at each in turn.

Soon, he felt Liberty's muscles contracting as she cried out in pleasure, her nails digging into his chest as her orgasm continued to double and triple on itself.

Seeing that she was nearing the point of collapse, he finally let himself erupt into her, grunting out his own pleasure as he felt her inner muscles clinging to his shaft.

"Aric," she panted, falling across his chest, her cheek resting on his shoulder.

Wrapping his arms around her, he gently kissed he forehead, promising with each one that he'd find a way to keep her with him until the end of her days or his.

As he listened to her still ragged breathing, Aric thought he heard a distant knocking, but when the sound didn't repeat, he figured it was nothing.

Slipping off to sleep, he was too content to notice the footsteps that approached his

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