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Crime and Punishment

When Aric had first led me upstairs, I had been sure he intended to punish me for leaving his room. And of course if he punished me for that, then he'd have to punish me for talking to Flora, and for distracting her from her work... the list of my crimes seemed endless, and when added to whatever I'd done to make him leave in the first place I was sure it would be days before I'd be able to walk again.

Instead, he'd pulled me into his arms again and we'd ended up in his bed.
Sighing, I rested my head against his chest, loving the way his fingers were roaming over my back as he left little kisses all over my forehead.
Suddenly bedroom door boomed open and several men in guard uniforms rushed in, roughly grabbing me by my arms and pulling me away from Aric.
"What is the meaning of this?" I heard him demand, as I was dragged painfully away.
"We need to talk my boy," a deep, angry voice said from the doorway.
Looking I saw a man who could only be Aric's father, Lothaire, the Master Vampire of the Northwest Territory.
Seeing the look of fear that appeared on Aric's face, my heart almost stopped as my body went limp. He'd said there were laws about master's and pets, and we had broken them all.
As his fathers gaze surveyed the room, they landed on me, naked and trembling. I couldn't look away as he moved towards me, his fangs extending as he neared me.
"What have we here?" he asked, as his finger lifted to push my face up into the light from the hallway.
"Don't you touch her!" Aric roared angrily from behind his father.
I could hear a struggle, but I couldn't find the willpower to look away from the vampire standing in front of me.
"Is this human the reason you have decided to ignore my orders and are refusing to marry Josephine?" Lothaire asked over his shoulder.
"No!" Aric seethed, struggling against a wall of guards to get to me. "I refused to marry her because she's a soulless whore whom I can't stand being around."
"So was your mother," his father spat, turning viciously on his son, "but I did my duty and married her anyway."
"I won't," Aric replied, standing tall even under his father's hard gaze, "and you can't make me."
"Oh," his father chuckled sinisterly, "can't I?"
Turning back to me, I could feel the malevolence emanating from him as he approached.
Before I could cry out, I was crushed against his chest, his fangs cruelly ripping into my throat.
In the distance I heard Aric screaming as furniture broke and bodies flew, but I knew he would be too late.
This is how I was going die. Naked and bloody, just like I had come into the world, I would leave it.
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