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Broken Apart

Aric killed guard after guard, ignoring every injury as he fought his way to Liberty.

Finally breaking though the line of guards he arrived in time to catch her body as his father dropped her to the floor, his lips smacking at how delicious he'd found her.

Through tears, Aric looked down at her as she gasped and gurgled, barely clinging to life, the fear in her green eyes sending a knife through his heart.

"Now," Lothaire said, looming over them both, "I suggest you put some clothes on and join me in your office for a talk."

"I'll kill you," Aric spat, looking up at his father. "I swear to Januarius that I will kill you."

"You will try," his father laughed, tousling Aric's hair as if he were a boy, "but you will fail. Now get dressed."

"Screw you!" Aric screamed as he turned on his father, ready to kill him for what he'd just done.

Moving at speed to fast to see, his father sidestepped his son and knocked him across the room with a swift backhand.

Aric's sailed over his bed, smashing into Liberty's dresser, splintering it before he slid to the floor in a heap.

Shaking his head at his son's stupidity, Lothaire lifted the limp body of his son's pet off the ground and flung her over his shoulder.

Motioning for his men to follow, he left the room, ordering the door sealed behind them.

Aric staggered to his feet, trying to shake the spots from his vision.

The last thing he saw before the door closed was the top of Liberty's head bobbing against his fathers shoulder.

"NO!!" he screamed, vaulting the bed, slamming into the door.

Using his nails, he clawed at the wood, ignoring the way it sliced through his flesh until he hit the doors solid steel core.

"Dammit," he spat, regretting that he'd ordered the strongest door he could possibly find to replace the one Josephine destroyed.

Looking around, he saw the windows, and a possible way out.

Jumping over the bed again, he ran to them, striking the pane's with his fists.

Each time he cracked a pane, it would shatter into a spider web then magically begin to mend.

"No, no, no," he yelled frantically, grabbing a chair and flinging it against the window with full force.

It barely made a mark as it bounced off the clear barrier.

Leaning his forehead against the chilly surface, he watched as his father walked into his field of view below, Liberty hanging limply over his shoulder, her body wrapped in a blanket.

Seeing her like that, Aric went mad. He began tearing his room apart looking for a way out. By the time he was done, he'd splintered every single piece of furniture in his room.

Shivering, he found a pair of sweats and a shirt that he pulled on before leaning against a wall and sliding to the ground giving himself over to the sadness and guilt that overwhelmed him.

Hours later, the door to his room opened and Henry walked in, his face as ashen and sad as his own.

"They took Alfie," he hiccuped, joining Aric on the floor.

"How did they know?" Aric asked, looking at his friends face.

"I don't know," Henry sniffed, his voice drained of all emotion, "the only person I've ever told was you."

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