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Vengeance Is Mine

By the time Aric was done, Maddie was completely unrecognizable. Not only had he cut her face, he'd sliced her veins and let her bleed out, relishing the feeling of watching the life drain out of her eyes.

Henry had chosen to wait in the hallway. Hearing what his friend was doing behind closed doors was more than enough for him, he didn't have to see it.

When the door finally opened, he almost vomited at the sight of Aric covered head to toe with blood and viscera.

"She betrayed us," Aric panted, wiping blood from his face with a sleeve already dripping with the same crimson fluid, making the mess worse, not better.

"She told my father everything we said last night in exchange for control of a new coven in Portland," he explained.

"Bitch," Henry breathed, pushing aside all guilt and sadness he'd been feeling.

"Did she tell you anything about his plans?" he asked, slumping back against the wall.

"She never asked," Aric replied, stripping out of his shirt, tossing it to the ground where it landed with a wet slopping sound.

"What do we do now?" Henry signed, giving up.

"We follow him," Aric replied, kicking off his squishing shoes and sliding out of his soaking pants, deciding his boxers would be fine until he could get changed. "But first, we're going to burn this place down."

Henry stared after his friend as he watched him walk towards the bar.

"Everyone out!!" Aric yelled, no less intimidating in his nearly naked state.

Grabbing bottles of liquor from behind the bar, he ripped them open and began emptying the contents onto the furniture.

Henry saw were his friend was going with this and hurried to make sure everyone was out of the building before Aric lit a cigarette.

Taking several deep drags, he threw it into the room, laughing at the sound of the alcohol catching and the sight of the flames beginning to consume the furniture.

Walking out into the bright sunlight, he felt cleansed despite the sticky feeling that clung to his body.

Looking around at the shocked faces of the women and men who used to work at the now burning bordello.

"The coven is disbanded!" Aric announced, looking at them all barely controlled rage. "You have twenty-four hours to leave my city or face the consequences."

"My lord?" one of the woman asked stepping forward, the coven's second in command he thought. "Whatever Maddie did, we were not party to it."

"Consider it guilt by association," Aric replied hotly. "At least some of you knew that she was planning to betray me, and did nothing to stop it."

"I swear Lord Aric," the woman said, falling to her knees. "We know nothing. We all swear our allegiance to you, and only you."

At her words, the rest of the member's followed her lead and went to their knees.

"You now have twenty-three hours and fifty-five minutes," Aric said coldly, ignoring the pleas of the men and women in front of him.

Turning on his heel, he headed to his car, Henry following close at his heels.

"What?" he asked angrily as he turned the car on, feeling Henry's disapproving scowl.

"They may really be innocent in all of this," his friend state, too shocked and emotionally drained to quip.

"At this point my dear," Aric replied, turning his angry visage on his friend, "I don't give a damn!"

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