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By the time we landed, I could barely walk off the plane under my own power.

Not only had Lord Lothaire drank from me again, he had violated me in ways I'd never known were possible.

Shivering from shock and blood loss, I fell down the last three steps, landing painfully on the pavement.

"Get up," Lothaire ordered, pulling me up by the back of my neck.

Lifting me so I, I was forced to walk on the tips of my toes, I moved forwards to the waiting car.

Reaching the door, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window. What I saw nearly made me crumble.

My face was a mask of bruises, my lips swollen from the many blows the vampire had delivered during his assault. The circles under my eyes were so pronounced I though that no amount of sleep or make-up would ever be able to cover them.

"Get in," Lothaire ordered, pushing me roughly into the side of the car.

Doing as I was told, I opened the door and slid in, knowing I should be grateful that I wasn't being shoved into cage at this point.

Lord Lothaire got in beside me, closing the door behind him.

"That was the best flight I've had in a long time," he said, smiling down at me as I moved as far away from his as I could. "I must make sure I have a companion with me every time I fly.

"Maybe it could be you," he purred, reaching over to gently stroke my cheek.

I closed my eyes against his touch, praying that he was finished with me, but it seemed God wasn't listening to my anymore.

Sliding his hand behind my neck, he pulled me into his lap, his other hand roughly grabbing at my breast as his lips crushed mine.

Thankfully the car came to a stop before he could do much more than molest my breasts.

Curse profusely, he withdrew his hand from my top and used it to cup my cheek.

"We'll have to finish this later," he purred as if he was my lover.

The door was pulled open from the outside, revealing a misty Seattle day. Lord Lothaire stepped out, motioning for me to follow.

As I emerged into the harsh lights on the front of the building, a female slave ran forward carrying a tray.

"Ah," the vampire gasped happily.

Taking a collar that looked like it was covered with diamonds off the tray, he turned and clipped it around my neck.

Next, he picked up what looked like a gun and brought it to my ear.

With a snap followed by searing pain, he took it away, dropping it back on the tray with a thump.

Surreptitiously I reached up to my ear, feeling a metal tag clipped to the cartilage.

Taking my hand away, I saw fresh blood.

I'd been tagged!

"Take my new toy and have her cleaned up," Lord Lothaire said to the slave. "She had a rough flight, and I want her looking her best before she's brought to me later."

Nodding, the silent slave extended a leash and clasped it to my collar before pulling away from my tormentor.

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