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Knight in Not So Shiny Armor

Aric took the fastest shower he'd ever taken in his life. He'd told Henry to go home and wait for word on the next step of their plan.

In truth, he didn't have any idea what that step would be. He could file all the petitions he wanted, but he knew his father would ignore it.

His father had always been a terrible man, but this was taking his cruelty to a new level.

This was more than just his refusal to marry Josephine. If that were the case his father would simply have placed tariffs and restrictions on him and his city until he caved.

Stepping out of the shower, Aric pulled on a fresh pair of slacks, a polo shirt and an over-sized sweatshirt.

Grabbing a bag, he stuffed a couple of shirts, another pair of pants, and a handful of socks and underwear into it.

Throwing it into the trunk of his car, Aric got in behind the driver's seat, ready to go. He was stunned when the passenger door opened and Henry slid in.

"What do you think you're doing?" Aric asked, turning the car off.

"I'm going with you," Henry replied, tossing his own bag over his shoulder into the backseat.

"No, you're not," his friend said firmly. "This is my fight..."

"It's my fight too," Henry snapped, turning on him. "They took Alfie, dammit."

"I'll get him back," Aric assured him, looking at him earnestly.

"We will get them both back," Henry replied, buckling his seat belt. "Now, get the lead out. Seattle isn't getting any closer with us just sitting here."

Shaking his head, Aric knew there was no talking his friend out of joining him on what was most likely a suicide mission.

Turning the on the car, he pulled onto the highway pointing his headlights west.

Pushing his Mustang as hard as it could go, he soon had them traveling at one-hundred and seventy-five miles an hour, the desolate landscape that was eastern Washington zipping by.

"So," Henry said, finally breaking the silence, "we don't have a plan, do we?"

"I plan to get them back," Aric replied, taking a curve in the road dangerously fast. "That is my only plan."

"And not dying," his friend added with a forced laugh, "can that be part of the plan too?"

"Yes," Aric nodded his agreement with that idea, "let's add not dying to that."

Reaching the outskirts of Moses Lake, Aric steeled his nerves. He needed to stop and fill his car, but Moses Lake was controlled by his sister, and while their relationship wasn't terrible, it wasn't great either.

If Emily wanted to make trouble for him, she could.

Seeing that his friend intended to stop, Aric took a deep breath.

"When was the last time you actually talked to your sister?" Henry asked as the car pulled off the highway.

"I called her on her birthday," Aric offered, heading towards the fueling station.

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