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Aric watched the human's face pale at his words.

He should have remembered that she wasn't used to taking orders, but it was something she'd need to learn fast.

"I said sit down and take off your top," he repeated when she didn't move, pointing to the chair.

Her bottom lip trembled as she moved to follow his instructions, one shoulder hanging lower than the other.

Sitting, she began trying to lift her shirt over her head, biting her lip hard when she attempted to move her injured arm.

Seeing how much pain she was in Aric stepped forward and helped her, needing her to hurry.

He could see the fear on her face at his approach, but he didn't care. Time was against his and he needed to see how badly she was injured.

As carefully as possible he helped her slide her shirt over her head, and off of her useless arm.

Looking down at her, Aric couldn't help but notice her ample breasts cupped by her bra and the smooth creamy skin of her neck the artery pulsing underneath. If she wasn't human, he'd be tempted, and if he hadn't already eaten he'd probably taste her.

Squatting down, he gently probed her shoulder, feeling the looseness of the joint.

"How does this feel?" he asked lifting her arm from her side.

"It hurts," she choked, the pain making it almost impossible to speak.

Nodding, Aric rose and left her side, moving to the phone.

"Please send the vet to my room," he said into the handset, his face darkening by the reply he got.

"Fine," he seethed, slamming the receiver down.

"Well," Aric said, turning to look at his new pet, "it seems the vet won't be able to get here before sunrise."

Moving back to her side, he gripped her arm with one hand and placed his other on the back of her shoulder.

"I'm gonna reset your shoulder myself on three," he warned. "I need you to relax the best you can."

His pet nodded, and squeezed her eyes shut. He could feel her muscles trying to unclinch, as he began to count.

"One, two," he said before jerking her arm first one way, then another, feeling it slide back into place with a sickening pop. "Three."

Ignoring the cry of pain she made, Aric stepped back to admire his handiwork.

Despite the fresh sheen of sweat that appeared on her forehead and the nauseous look on her face, her shoulders no longer looked lopsided.

Feeling his strength beginning to ebb, Aric looked at the time, realizing that there was only fifteen minutes until the sun crested the mountains and he knew he needed to hurry before his body was forced to rest itself for the day.

"Can you wash yourself?" he asked his pet, not sure she could.

The human nodded in reply, rising on shaky lags.

Unable to not notice the barely contained agony she was in, Aric scooped her off the floor carrying her to the bathroom.

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