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Surrender Hope All Who Enter

I stood still as Aida held outfit after outfit in front of me trying to choose the one best suited to Lord Lothaire's taste.

In the end I found myself wearing a black lace bra with matching underwear, the most uncomfortable black leather pants man ever created and a deep crimson silk shirt that seemed to be missing several buttons at the top making it flop open and expose my breasts.

To this she added a thick silver belt, shiny black high heeled boots that made my ankles and calves ache, and black leather cuff bracelets that covered most of my forearms.

Next came the earrings. Since I'd never had my ears pierced, Aida fixed that for me with a small gun similar to the one Lord Lothaire had used to place my tag.

Looking at the finished product in the mirror I couldn't believe that I was looking at myself.

Gone was the naive girl who'd thought that Aric might love her. The person that looked back at me was the kings new whore, dressed and ready to be used.

Feeling nauseous at the sight of myself I quickly looked away finding Aida's eyes on me.

"When he calls," she said softly, true sorrow in her voice, "I will take you to him."

Nodding, I followed her to another room where other humans waited, all dressed differently according to their masters wishes, all with the dead-eyed stare of hopelessness.

Taking the indicated seat, I waited, unshed tears burning at my eyes to be free.

One by one the others were called only to be replaced by another.

"Fuck you!!!" a young woman spat, slouching into the chair next to mine.

"Don't move or..." the guard who'd brought her in began.

"Or what?" she asked, standing to face the man eye to eye. "You'll beat me? Punish me?

"What do you think you could do to me that my master hasn't already done?" she demanded, daring the guard to do something.

"Sit," he said, shoving her back into her seat.

"Yeah," she called at his retreating back, "just walk away!!!"

I couldn't believe how she was acting. Looking around I thought about moving, but she spoke to me before I could stand.

"Fresh meat, huh?" she asked, flopping one leg over the arm of the chair.

Looking at her like a deer in headlights I simply nodded not knowing what else to do.

"Damn," she said, leaning towards me, "who picked you up?"

"Lord Lothaire," I replied, my voice squeaking at the name.

"Fuck," she breathed, digging into her pocket.

I watched silently as she pulled a small glass bottle out and poured two small white pills into her palm.

"Take one," she said, holding out her hand to me.

When I didn't move, she sighed and leaned closer.

"Take one," she repeated, "it will help when the pain starts."

Remembering what Lothaire had already done to me on the plane I quickly snatched up the offered pill and dry swallowed it not caring what it was, as long as it numbed the pain.

"I'm Lara," she said, popping the other pill in her own mouth.

"Liberty," I replied, jumping when Aida appeared, my gem studded collar in her hand.

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