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Look at the Pretty Colors

Aida led me to the elevator, pushing the button for the top floor.
As it rose towards whatever fresh Hell Lord Lothaire had planned, I started to feel odd.
The bright lights above my head began to change from stark white to dripping colors of the rainbow.
Holding out my hand, I watched as the droplets of color spread over my skin, moving up my arm towards my shoulder.
As the colors reached my throat, I began to taste each one. There was green apple, blueberry, cherry, and delicious banana.
"Liberty," Aida said next to her, "are you feeling unwell?"
Turning my head, I could barely see the woman through the multitude of colors that raced across my vision.
"I'm fine," I sighed, feeling very incredibly relaxed despite my destination.
Squinting, I could see that she didn't really believe me, but I was too happy to care.
As the door opened, a musical dinging sound echoed through my ears, making the streaks of color shiver and wave.
I felt Aida's hand grip my wrist and tug me forward into a huge deep red room.
Every other color faded from my vision except the color red, leaving only the taste of cherry's behind.
Looking around, I saw the largest man I had ever seen walking towards me, the cutest smile on his face.
"Lord Lothaire," I heard Aida say, bowing low, her voice sounding odd, "I have prepared Liberty as instructed."
I watched as the man's eyes moved up and down my body, admiring the pretty colors on my skin.
I couldn't help giggling as a small fairy flew out of his ear and up his nose.
"What is wrong with her?" the man said, looking at me.
"Me?" I asked, unable to control the deep laugh that was building inside me.
"I'm not the one with a unicorn horn growing out of my forehead," I laughed, dancing away from the man, glitter falling from my fingertips spreading colors all over the floor.
"Oh," I cried seeing a pile of pillows.
With a running feet, I jumped into the pile and rolled around feeling like I was being embraced by the biggest teddy bear in the world.
Suddenly, an iron grip latched on to my wrist and pulled me out of the pillows.
"What do you think you're doing?" the man yelled at me.
"You're mean," I said, pouting pointing to the pillows. "I want to go back to my teddy bear."
I felt myself flying through the air before smashing into a wall.
"Oww," I cried, "you're mean."
"What the fuck is wrong with her?" I heard the man yelling at the nice lady who'd brought me upstairs as he held her up in the air.
"I don't know," the woman gagged, trying to breath.
"Well," the man said, pink smoke billowing out of his mouth, "find out! She's useless to me when she's like this!"
"Yes Lord Lothaire," the woman gasped, as the man released her.
Quickly, she moved to my side and helped me to my feet.
"He's a meanie," I whispered loudly to her as she lead me back to the elevator. "I don't like him."
As the door began to slide closed, I looked at the mean man and stuck my tongue out at him.
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