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Mommy Dearest

"You've know for a week that mom is being held against her will," Aric seethed, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the steering wheel, "and you didn't tell me?"

"Dude," Emily replied angrily, "we haven't talked in months! I didn't know if you would even take my call!"

"I called you two months ago on your birthday," Aric replied defensively.

"Right," his sister laughed harshly, "a full five minute phone call with at least three minutes of awkward silence involved. Yeah, that was a call to remember."

A heavy silence settled over the trio as the car approached the light on the horizon.

"I'm sorry," Aric said, finally breaking the silence.

"I know dummy," Emily replied. "We just need to figure out how we're gonna get mom out. I'm sure dad has the place swarming with guards."

"You two know that you're almost as powerful as your father," Henry said, looking between the two like they were idiots. "I'm pretty sure you can take on a few guards, plus, I'm really pissed right now and knocking a few heads together would go a long way to making me feel better."

"And once again, you have just fucked with my world view," Aric said, laughing slightly. "I have never, in all of the years we've know each other, thought that you would be up for a bare-knuckle fight."

"Hell ya," Emily said, shoving her hand between the seats for a high-five from Henry.

"Alright,"Aric breathed, turning off the headlights of his car as they approached the neighborhood where him mother was being held, "Emily and Henry, I want you to circle the house around the right, I'll go left and meet you on the other side."

"Since when did you become a commando?" Emily asked as he parked the car.

"I didn't spend all those years with dad on the human front without learning a thing or two," he replied, pocketing the keys. "I may not have liked it, but I did pay attention.

"Note how many guard there are," he said, once they were all out of the car, "any weapons, and see if you can figure out where mom is being held."

"Okay," Emily and Henry said in unison.

"See you on the other side," Aric replied, moving off into the shadows on the left side of the house."

As he moved, he saw at least ten guards on the grounds alone. He couldn't quite tell how many were inside, but he only saw one light on in the entire building.

He made it to the other side of the building without being noticed, and waited for Emily and Henry to meet him.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded and the exterior of the building was lit by floodlights.

"Fuck," he breathed, hearing sounds of fighting from the direction that his companions were supposed to be coming from.

Breaking into top speed, Aric threw himself into the fray as soon as he spotted it.

As fangs bit and claws tore, Aric, Emily and Henry fought their way towards the house.

"What in the hell is going on here?" a regal voice boomed behind us.

The fighting stopped, and the trio looked up to see a tall, elegantly dressed woman, white hair handing in a loose braid over her shoulder, her blue eyes glaring at the tableau of combatants in front of her.

"Mom?!" Aric asked

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