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Taste the Rainbow

As I leaned against Aida for support, since my legs seemed to turning into rubber, I couldn't help but giggle.

"Did you know colors taste funny?" I asked.

Aida didn't answer me, but she did give me a silly look.

"I mean it," I said, watching a butterfly circle her hair, "colors taste funny."

The elevator opened and I saw my new friend Lara standing on the other side, her arm held by a large man.

"Lara!" I yelled, falling into her arms to give her a hug. "I missed you!"

"Oh crap," the man said, looking at us. "What did you give her Lara?"

"She gave me a hug silly," I laughed, grasping Lara's hands, pulling on her until the man let her go.

Together we spun around in circles, giggling and laughing as the people around us look at us like we we're insane.

"Did you know colors taste funny?" I asked Lara, needing to share my discovery.

"No," she gasped, her eyes wide. "What do they taste like?"

"Let me show you," I offered, stumbling to a halt.

Pulling her with me, I moved towards a shelf full of colorful shoes.

"Taste this one," I said, grabbing a green one.

Licking it, Lara's eyes opened wider. She licked it again quickly.

"It tastes like apples!" she exclaimed, looking at me in amazement.

I grabbed a blue one and licked it.

"This one tastes like blueberries!" I said, offering it to my friend.

One by one we licked the shoes tasting oranges, limes, peaches, even nasty avocados.

"Ewe," I said, my nose scrunching at the flavor. "This one tastes yucky."

"Like what?" Lara asked, reaching for it.

"I tastes like avocado," I said, spitting to get the taste out of my mouth.

"Here," she giggled, handing me a bright red one, "trade you, this one tastes like strawberries."

Gratefully I traded with her, enjoying the flavor of the red one.

"Come along Lara," the man said, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her away from me and the shoes.

"No," I sobbed as Aida wrapped her arms around me to keep me from following them.

"Bye," Lara laughed, as she skipped along after the man.

"Bye," I sniffed, wondering why all of my friends leave me.

Aida pushed and pulled me down the ugly hallway to another room.

This one was smaller than all the others with only a narrow bed in it.

"Is it bedtime?" I asked. "I'm not tired."

"You need to rest," Aida replied, pushing me towards it.

"No," I said, pushing back, laughing at the new game we were playing.

"Yes," she said, redoubling her efforts.

"No," I replied, shaking my head.

"Sit you ass down!" she yelled, apparently fed up with my behavior.

"Why are you yelling at me?" I sobbed, all of the happiness I'd been feeling gone.

"I'm sorry," Aida said, regaining her composure, "I just really need you to sit down."

Still sad, I stumped down onto the mattress, my bottom lip sticking out as I pouted.

"I want Aric back," I sniffed, laying down, pulling my knees up.

"Aric?" Aida asked me, her interest perked. "Aric who?"

"Lord Aric," I said softly, tears beginning to roll down my cheek. "I was hit pet until Lord Grumpy Pants took me."

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