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Riding the Pain Train

Aida held me close until I had cried myself out, offering my soft words of solace.
When I had finally cried my eyes dry, she gently wiped the tears from my eyes.
"Are you done?" she asked, running her hand up and down my back. "We're going to be late if I don't get you ready."
Nodding, I remained still as Aida quickly reapplied my makeup and restyled my hair.
With practiced fingers, she helped me change into a similar outfit to the one I'd been wearing the night before, only tonight the arm cuffs she put on me buckled tightly closed and had small silver loops along three of the sides.
Standing back, she sadly nodded her approval.
Attaching a leash to my collar, she led me back toward the waiting room. When she passed the door, I stumbled slightly.
"Aren't we going in?" I asked, craning my neck to look at the door behind me.
"Not tonight," Aida said over her shoulder. "Lord Lothaire doesn't want to risk a repeat of last night so I'm taking you to him directly."
Feeling a shiver run down my spine, my chin dropping to my chest, I tried to control racing heart as we neared a bank of elevators.
Stepping inside, I close my eyes and pray to a God I'm not sure exists anymore.
As the doors opened, I could hear Lord Lothaire raging, furniture splintering, glass shattering, people screaming in pain.
"Where is she?" he screamed, a vase flying across my eye line before shattering against the wall.
Aida pulls painfully on my collar as she hurries us towards the screaming.
Rounding the corner I see nothing but carnage. Wood and glass cover the floor littered with the dismembered body part of humans. In the middle of it all stands Lord Lothaire, his mouth and chin dripping with blood, his clothes a ruin of flesh and entrails.
Seeing us, he drops the slave he'd been tearing into and is instantly standing in front of us, his breathing ragged.
"Where have you been?" he demands, grabbing Aida by the throat, squeezing.
"It was my fault," I said, staring at the oozing mess around me, trying to prevent her death. "I wouldn't cooperate. Aida did everything she could to make me hurry, but I wouldn't."
Suddenly his dropped the other woman, leaving her to fall to her knees gasping as his hand found my throat instead lifting me off the ground.
Choking, I claw at his hand trying to free myself from his grip as I feel the bones in my throat beginning to crack, darkness creeping in at the edges of my vision.
Laughing to myself I wonder why I'm fighting it, death. If he squeezes the life out of me then I will be spare the worse things I know he has planned for me.
Feeling a heaviness come over my limbs, I wait for the end.
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