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And They All Fall Down

When you're as close to death as I was, hitting a wall after being thrown across the room by a master vampire doesn't hurt as much as you might expect.

I heard and felt my ribs breaking, but the pain wasn't there. Through the haze that covered my vision I saw his feet as he crossed the room to me.

Damn, I'm not dead yet.

Feeling a dull ache as Lord Lothaire grabbed the back of my neck, lifting me off the floor I laughed to myself. I must look like a bloody marionette.

I hung limply in his grasp as he carried me from room to room, passing human slaves prostrating themselves on the floor as he approached.

Pushing open a door, I found myself in the a bedroom fitted out like a well equipped torture chamber.

Dropping me against a wall I felt a sharp pain in my side as Lord Lothaire moved around the room.

When he came back to me, he pushed me into a sitting position before taking my left arm and lifting it over my head. He then did the same to my right arm bringing all my unfelt pain to the forefront.

I couldn't help but scream as I felt one of my rib bone pierce the skin of my side. Warm moistness started flowing faster as he began turning a crank, lifting me from the floor by chains attached to my wrist cuffs.

"No passing out," he cooed gently slapping my cheeks, seeing my eyes rolling back into my head as I started to black out from pain.

Opening my eyes I stared blankly into his dead ones.

Seeing the blood on my shirt, he tore it from my body his fingers prodding the bone.

I tried not to give in, but my silence only made him hook his finger about its jagged edge and a give a gentle tug.

Screaming in pain, I tried to escape him, kicking my legs wildly, but it did nothing but make him smile wider.

Releasing the bone, he seemed to enjoy the deep gasping breaths I took as the pain subsided.

Sweat plastered my hair to my forehead, as his blood covered fingers caressed my face.

"I love your pain," he said, pressing his body against mine, the weight of him pushing another bone through the flesh.

Grinning manically, he reached down and grabbed my butt, sliding his hands down to my thighs and pulling them up until my legs were wrapped around his waist.

Kissing me deeply, he swallowed my cries of agony as one of his hands released my leg and pawed painfully at my breast.

Sliding his hands down, he fumbled with my belt, growling because it wouldn't easily release.

As the clasp finally gave, he tore it from my waist tossing it aside. As he starts ripping the leather away from me, a frantic knocking on the door stops him.

"What?" he screams in frustration.

"My lord," a disembodied voice says from the other side, "there is someone who insists that they speak with you urgently."

"Tell them they can fucking wait," Lothaire screams back, baring his fangs to bite me.

"My lord," the voice replied, sounding high pitched and panicked, "Lady Leanor, Lord Aric, Lady Emily, Sir Henry and about thousand other subjects are demanding an audience right now."

Pausing above my throat, I see a look of fear come over his face.

"You're so fucked," I laughed, feeling death creeping up on me.

Without a word, his fear turns to rage and he plunges his fangs into my throat, biting painfully into my flesh.

Pulling back his head I feel my skin tearing as he spits a mouthful of flesh to the floor

"Whose fucked now?" he asked as blood runs down my chest, each pump of my heart bringing me one step closer to freedom.

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