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Finding Liberty

"Liberty!!" Aric screamed running from room to room on his father's floor desperate to find her.

He passed vampires and humans, all running around as frantic as himself searching for ways to escape the tower and avoid the battle that raged between his parents supporters.

"Liberty," he demanded, grabbing a slave as she tried to run past him, "the pet. Where is she?"

"I don't know," she cried, trying to escape his grip. "Please let me go."

Seeing the sheer panic on her face, Aric released her, watching as she ran away.

"Fuck," he said to himself, turning to continue his search.

On and on he ran finding nothing, not a trace of Liberty or Alfie. Beginning to loose hope, he reached the last door.

Praying to St. Januarius that she was behind this one, he pushed it open.

It was his father's room, he could tell by the overwhelming scent that assailed his nose. Stepping inside he saw a bed, a wall covered with an extensive array of torture devices and chains dangling from the ceiling.

He was about to leave when he caught another scent, Liberty's.

Rushing inside, he looked for evidence of her presence, seeing only a pool of blood.

Kneeling down next to it, Aric dipped his fingers into the red liquid, noting that it wasn't fresh, but there was a lot of it.

If Liberty had lost this much, it was unlikely that she was still alive.

"Liberty," he sobbed, shoving his fist into his mouth.

Hearing a crash behind him, Aric turned to see his father had come into the room and was bolting the door, his arm with the missing hand cradled to his chest.

On silent feet, Aric stood taking a silver blade from the wall.

Stepping up behind his father, he reached around the man and slit hi throat with one swift motion.

Lord Lothaire, collapsed the the floor, choking on his own blood.

Aric stood over him, his hand still wrapped around the blade.

"You bastard," he said, his voice tight with rage. "You killed her!"

"Yes," Lothaire laughed, his words a raspy bubbling sound. "But not before I tasted every square in of her flesh."

Screaming in uncontrollable rage, Aric fell on his father, stabbing him again and again until the door splintered open and Emily rushed in followed by armed guards and pulled him off the dead man.

"No!" he roared, struggling to escape their arms and continue stabbing the monster that was his father. "Let me kill him!!!"

"He's dead Aric," his sister yelled, looking over her shoulder as she knelt over her father, feeling for any sign of life.

Hearing those words was like hearing music. The vile creature that had made his entire life a living hell, was dead and he had killed him.

Collapsing into hysterics, Aric let himself be carried out of the room.

They took him to another floor where he found his mother speaking with a group of human slaves.

"Aric," she gasped, seeing his blood spattered body. "Are you alright?"

"He's dead," he breathed, looking at his mother with dead eyes.

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