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Drying himself off, Aric had almost completely forgotten about his new pet until he started hearing an odd chattering sound.

Confused, he looked around until he saw his pet standing alone in the shower, naked and shivering, trying to rub warmth into her arms as she stood dripping with water, her teeth chattering behind blue lips.

Rolling his eyes at the absolute stupidity of humankind, Aric tucked his towel around his waist and went to a cupboard across the room wondering what the hell he was going to do with a pet.

He hadn't wanted a pet, he didn't need a pet, not after the last one.

Pulling open on of the cabinet doors, he tugged out a brand new towel and turning, tossed it to her.

“Dry yourself off before you catch a cold,” he spat, feeling the sunrise doming closer draining him of energy. "The last thing I need is a sick pet."

"Or a pet at all," he said under his breath, a shiver running though him as the memory flashed through his mind. There had been so much blood...

Stepping into his closet he shook off the image and pulled on a plain tee-shirt and a pair of loose sweatpants.

Grabbing a second shirt and an ugly pair of plaid boxers his mother had given him on the last Festival of Saint Januarius, Aric heaved a sigh, hating everything about the situation he was in.

Stepping back into the bathroom he walked over to his pet and pushed the clothes into her hands exposing her creamy breast.

"Put these on quickly," he ordered, knowing he would be cutting it close to get her secure in her cage before sleep overtook him because he was oogling a human's naked body.

Pulling open a drawer Aric took out his toothbrush and cleaned his teeth while his pet struggled into the clothes he'd given her.

"Come here," he said to her when he was done, glad to see how quickly she was following his instructions now.

Stepping out of the bathroom, Aric was glad to see that he had received the usual prize of a cage, a pet blanket and bed, and an array of supplies for his new pet.

Walking her to it, he opened the cage door and motioned for her to step inside.

When she just looked at him stupidly, Aric felt his irritation with her returning.

"Get in," he said, wanting nothing more than to be able to crawl into bed and sleep.

With tears in her eyes, but her head held high, she did as she was told, her only sign of fear was when the cage slammed. Her entire body jumped as the lock slid into place.

With the last of his strength, Aric staggered to his bed, barely making it to his bed before sleep overtook him and he collapsed lifeless on top of the covers.

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