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Gruesome is as Gruesome Does

Seeing the pain in Liberty's eyes, Aric's resolve almost crumbled, but he held firm.

If what his mother said was true, than all of the faith he'd put in her was a lie. She's used her body as a way into his heart to secure her own future.

The proof had been in front of him the whole time hadn't it?

She become his fathers play thing because he had more power, and when that failed she'd immediately found a way back into his own bed.

Aric cursed as he watched his once beloved push herself to her feet.

"Aric," she sobbed, tears running down her beautiful face, "Aric please, let me explain."

"My mother explained enough," he spat, gripping her painfully by the shoulders. "You're just a conniving human who used me."

"I never once used you," Liberty breathed, her eyes searching his for once ounce of tenderness.

"Did I use you when I was dragged from my home and taken to be part of the hunt while my mom screamed and begged for your people to let me go?" she asked.

"Did I use you when I thought you died that night and I hurt myself trying to save you?

"Did I use you when we were in the forest," she asked, bringing up her hands to caress his face. "When you made love to me the first time?

"Was I using you then?" she sniffed, her heart breaking. "Was I using you when I decided to kill myself rather than have you know all the terrible things your father did to me in just those few days?"

Aric listened to her, watching her face as it shifted from disbelief into utter defeat.

"If you really think I would go through all of this, the pain, the love and heartbreak, being taken by your father, all on the slim chance that you would feel the same things for me that I started to feel for you," she sighed, giving up hope, "then I am the one whose been the fool."

Pulling her arms free, Liberty gave Aric one last look of tear filled longing before turning for the door, trying to make it out without breaking done in front of the man who she thought was her future.

"Liberty," she heard him breath as she felt herself being turned into his embrace as his lips claimed hers.

"Forgive me," he breathed, planting kisses across her forehead and cheeks before returning to her lips once more.

Liberty gave herself over to the kiss, returning Aric's passion with her own.

Moving his hands down, Aric cupped her buttocks, lifting her until her thighs wrapped around his waist.

Moving towards his desk, he swept everything from its surface, not caring what it was.

Setting Liberty down he cupped her face and pulled her into a deep kiss.

"I'm so sorry," he sighed, embracing her once more. "I should never have doubted you. I don't know why I let my mother get into my head."

"I swear I never meant to insinuate that you would ever be anything like you father," Liberty replied, returning his embrace. "You are nothing like him. I only worried that taking on the mess your father left behind, and trying to make the changes you talked about would be a lot of pressure on you."

"I know you worry," Aric breathed, looking down into her eyes, "and I promise that with you at my side, I can deal with it."

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