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The Future Awaits

“I know you worry,” Aric breathed, looking down into my eyes, “and I promise that with you at my side, I can deal with it.”

"I love you," I said, pulling his lips back to mine.

Now more than ever I needed to feel him against me. Reaching up, I fumbled desperately at the buttons on his almost crying at how difficult it seemed to get it off.

Finally I could push it out of the way and feel the smooth skin of his chest beneath my hands.

Sighing in relief I felt Aric's hands fumbling at the hem of my own shirt, pulling up and over my head.

Free of the fabric, his lips left mine and kissed a trail down my chin, moving painfully slowly down my neck before pushing the cup of my bra down and latching on to my nipple.

Moaning in pleasure, I ran my hands through his thick hair, cradling his head like a baby.

"Aric," I moaned, need building deep in my core.

Reaching down, I ripped away the belt at his waist and relieved him of the confines of his pants.

Returning the favor, I was soon naked with Aric's hands caressing my body, his need seeming to match my own.

Grabbing my waist, Aric pulled my hips to the edge of the desk his member teasing my opening.

"Please," I begged, trying to pull his hips forward, needing to feel my love deep inside of myself.

Keeping his eyes locked on mine, Aric thrust deeply into me making cry out in pleasure.

"Yes," I panted, needing more. "Yes."

Crushing my lips with his, I felt Aric's hips setting a demanding rhythm, his tip reaching deeper and deeper into me with each thrust.

Pushing me back until I lay prone on the desk, I felt him hook my knees with his arms before pulling my hips further off the desk, his body providing the only support as he plunged even deeper into my wet folds.

At this new onslaught, I felt myself climaxing almost instantly as he continued to pump harder and harder into me making my orgasms continue unchecked.

By the time Aric reached his own release, my voice was hoarse from crying out in absolute ecstasy.

With his seed filling my insides, Aric collapsed on top of me, his lips leaving little kisses over my sweat covered chest and neck.

"Never again," he breathed, lifting just enough to look at me. "I will never again doubt you my love."

"You never have to doubt my love," I replied, reaching up to caress his face.

Pulling his member out slowly, Aric pulled me to his chest, his arms holding me painfully tight to his body.

"I know you've been through so much my darling," he said into my hair. "Please forgive me."

"Aric," I sighed, lifting my eyes to meet his, "there is nothing to forgive. I am yours, heart and soul. Together we are stronger.

"I don't know why you mother tried to separate us, but I'm not going anywhere."

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