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Never Again

Wrapping Liberty in his shirt, Aric led the way back to the room he'd claimed as their's.

Leaving her briefly to arrange for her mother to be sent for, he returned to find Liberty standing naked under the spray of hot water in the shower.

Seeing the scars that marred her once smooth back, he couldn't believe that he had ever doubted her, even once.

Undressing he joined her, letting his fingers trace the marks his father had made in her skin.

"For everyone of these," he breathed into her ear, his arms wrapping around her waist, "I promise you a million happy moments."

Sighing happily, Liberty leaned her back against his chest, loving the feel of his strong arms around her, protecting her.

"Well," she said with an unseen mischievous smile, "you have eternity to accomplish the task."

Chuckling into her neck, Aric nuzzled the area briefly before sinking his fangs into her flesh renewing his bond with her.

She would be his forever and day he vowed, releasing her and turning her to face him.

Seeing the need in his eyes, Liberty stood on her tiptoes, her lips seeking the same spot on his neck before returning the deadly kiss making her own promise of love and devotion to him.

After their shower, Aric and Liberty quickly dressed choosing clothes from the selection Aida had sent to their room.

Liberty gave a grateful sigh when she saw that the older woman actually had taste that didn't run to bondage or furry play.
She'd arranged that their clothes were comfortable and functional while still appearing regal.
Returning to Aric's office, they both blushed at the sight of all of the things he'd swept from his desk in his need to be with his Lady.
Together they set things to right with one change. Aric insisted that Liberty have half of the desk for herself until he could arrange for a larger office for them to share.
Every law, edict and regulation would be reviewed by both of them to make sure it was fair and balanced.
Liberty had grown up in the human world and knew of the suffering and injustices her kind had been subjected to for far too long.
Aric had been born into vampiric royalty and knew just how far his people could be pushed before breaking and trying to return things to the way his father had run things.
When everything was set up, Aric summoned his mother and sister.
Feeling Liberty fidgeting nervously with her fingers, Aric placed his own over hers offering her his unyielding support.
Lady Leanor and Emily entered his office one at a time. Emily first, her devil-may-care attitude evident the moment she fell into a chair opposite the pair and threw her leg over its arm, while Lady Leanor entered with regal grace only giving the smallest hint of surprise to find Liberty sitting next to her son before seating herself primly down.
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